Monday, November 29, 2004

Women of many talents!

Have you ever sat back and thought of the number of career titles that could follow the word mom? For example just in one given day, or how about today, I woke up as a "mom", and a "wife", then I was a "chef" I made cereal! Hey I did not say gourmet chef. So anyway, then I dressed the kids "fashion consultant", helped with homework "tutor", drove the kids to school "taxi cab driver", did laundry "laundry mat manager", vacuumed the house "maid" which also included cleaning the tub, toilets, dishes, mopping, dusting, making beds.....Then I cleaned the playroom "professional organizer", windexed all the mirrors and windows "window washer", made a vacation video for my mother of her trip to Hawaii "producer", then I borrowed some movies from my neighbor and burned copies for the kids "copywriter". Ok then I made lunch "cafeteria worker", put Corben down for a nap "nanny", read a book to the girls "librarian" Gave a friend some advice "confidant/unlicensed therapist", did some Christmas shopping online "personal shopper", welcomed my husband home from work "welcoming committee", invited some friends out to dinner " meal coordinator" engaged in social interaction over dinner "entertainer", wrote a blog "journalist", and now if I sleep with my husband and he gives me lunch money for tomorrow I guess I would be A...........starts with a "P"! Did I say that out loud? Just kidding!
On a more serious note we had a fun evening. We, like I said went out to dinner with some good friends of ours (the English girl with the cool accent!) and afterwards we had a little pre tree lighting, light up party. You see my husband is an electrician in the Air Force and in front of Addison's school is a 17 story high tower that they turn into a Christmas tree with thousands of lights. Well my husband was the man in charge of doing that this year and this Friday will be the big unveiling. Well since we are on the inside track, we and some friend got to go test out the lights with Ben and were the first people on base to see the tree lit up. It was absolutely beautiful! Really it was! For ten whole minutes it was breathtaking, and then the fuse burnt and Ben saw three week of hard labor flash before his eyes. So I guess they have 5 days to get things up and running again. Good thing for the pre-test is all I have to say!
I know I said Corben has been good with the tree, but right before bed he grabbed one of the breakable balls and chucked it across the kitchen shattering it into many pieces. So number of broken ornaments so far-1. SO now I have to guard the Christmas tree "body guard" Camryn was in tears over the loss of such a pretty sparkley ball, and needed to be consoled "child physcologist" Did spell check on blog "editor".
I can't wait to see what new career oppertunities await me tomorrow!

Saturday, November 27, 2004

Oh Christmas Tree!

The tree is up, the decorations are hung, the lights are up outside, the presents are underneath the tree, and although we have gone through all the motions it has been hard to wrap our heads around the idea that it could possibly be Christmas when it feels like July outside. We turned our air up high so it would be real cold in the house and we could make it at least feel like Christmas.
Anyway I don't know what I was thinking last year, but at the end of the season I bought decorations to do my dream tree this year. Actually my friend had my dream tree last year and I decided to copy her. Well what she did was stick bundles of poinsettia throughout the tree, and then had the matching ribbon and ornaments. I loved it! So I bought poinsettia but thought it would be neat to get the silver ones with matching silver ribbon. So I get all the decorations out all excited to do my dream tree when.....I looked around my living room and all my accents were gold. What was I thinking! I can't put a silver tree in a room with gold accents. (fashion faux paux!) So I had to go back to the store and get red poinsettia with red ribbon, which were of course not the end of season sale price, and start all over.
So all that said and done I have decided that next year I am going to do a Hawaii theamed tree. Instead of ribbon I am going to make a long flower lei and wrap it around the tree. Then instead of poinsettia I will get the large habbiscus flowers and stick them in and then get all the Hawaiian ornaments when they go on sale this year. Oh yeah also I will use a grass skirt for the tree skirt! Cute or what?
So far Corben has not messed with the tree to much (very surprising since he is a boy!) Although he still does a good job on the rest of the house. Today he through our cordless phone in the bathroom toilet. Yes it had to be the toilet in the girls bathroom that they always forget to flush.....and you can see where I am going with this. Needless to say we will not be using that phone anymore. The day before he was a real help and was cleaning the toilet with my makeup brushes. Aggghhhh!


This year for Thanksgiving we decided to go a different route. Seeing as I dislike cooking, and really have no one to cook a big meal for, our friends and I decided to buy tickets and go to the dinner buffet on base. It was awesome! They had some of everything.........peel and eat shrimp, chicken, turkey, lamb, fresh fruit, prime rib, an array of fancy desserts, just to name a few. The food was great and we stuffed as much in as we could. Then since we had no dishes to do we headed strait to the beach! (bathing suits already on under our clothes) I chose a nice one piece to camouflage my protruding just ate way to much food belly! So we decided while lounging at the beach that this was definitely the best route to go and vowed to meet same time same place next year! The only down fall to this little sinerio was that when night time came around we were craving a left over turkey sandwich, but there was none to be found.
So of course we joined the hundreds of crazy people that venture out at 6am to stand in line for ours to get a deal on the latest and greatest! Well actually this year I sent Ben with a list and stayed in the comfort of my nice warm bed. He really enjoyed it though I am sure. Three hour line ups are his favorite! Anyway just a few more things to do and we will be done with Christmas shopping! I have been doing a wrap as you go technique so I do not get boggled down with piles of presents to wrap. Tis the Season!

Tuesday, November 23, 2004


Last night I went and saw Bridget Jones's Diary. I didn't think it was possible but it was even better then the first. I laughed the entire movie through. I have not laughed so hard since Meet The Parents. I highly highly recommend that every girl rent Bridget Jones's (the first one) just as a refresher and then go see the next one in the theater.Notice I said highly twice. In the bible when God says something more then once, that means it is very important and you should take heed! Best $6.50 I spent. I want to watch it again right now. I decided that I want to become English and move into a cute cobblestone village in England and wear nickers, and shag with my husband, and go to the lieu! Oh and say bloody this and bloody that. I went to the movie with my friend from England and just love listening to her talk. She had me laughing all the way home! I hope they make a third movie. I just have to see Bridget get married and become a mom!

Friday, November 19, 2004

My Daughter is a Genius!

Well maybe not a genius but we are very proud of her! Addison had her very first Kindergarten parent/teacher meeting yesterday and she is going to be rewarded with a certificate for student of the quarter! They are having a special ceremony in the cafeteria where she will be presented the award and then also receives a gift and a flower lei. She doesn't know anything about it yet, and she is going to be so excited! Yes, so she is a genius, and very cute too! We got her school pictures back this week. Looking over her class picture Ben and I decided that she is definatly the cutest kid in the class bar none!
Tonight we have her end of season cheerleading pizza party. Should be exciting because Ben is working and I will be chasing three kids around in three different directions! When ever I was wishing that Corben would start walking I must have been crazy. Now he does not sit still long enough to blink an eye. He can run out of a room and out of eyesight faster then the speed of which I got my last speeding ticket!
Note to self.....Do not write your blog at the same time you are trying to make breakfast for the kids. I have just thrown out three pieces of burnt toast. This was not all done at once either. This was three failed attempts to make a piece of toast. So therefore I should have said Corben can run out of a room faster then I can burn breakfast (three times!) I am telling you my chances for mother of the year increase every day. I am going to have so many nominations, I am sure to win! Note the sarcasm here.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Things that are going through my head?

Today I started my diet again and I have the jitters. Dieting suck, but so does being fat. I am doing Herbalife and the vitamins say they are effedrine free but I think that there is something b/c when I take them I feel hungrier then I do if I just don't eat. Weird!
Don't you hate it when you are in the mood to just talk on the phone, but everyone you know is not home? Well I was in that mood today, and that is what happened. Then the phone would ring and I would get excited thinking it was someone returning my call, and it would be a telemarketer. Talk about disappointment!
So tonight I am going to get my nails done. I have the acrylic nails on but I have been picking and chipping at them so they need some work. I think I just need to get these soaked off and then start from scratch. I just can't decide if I want to go rounded or square? French or American? Colored, or not colored? So many decisions, so little time!
Today well surfing eBay and during our trip to Costco last night I decided what I want for Christmas. I ran it by Ben and I think it will just be our present to each other. I hate that every year we always know what we are getting each other and there is never an element of surprise, but on the other hand I would hate to waste a present by letting Ben pick on his own. You could do the whole make a list thing but then you still pretty much know what you are getting. So anyway when we were at Costco they have this awesome foam top to put on your bed which you just sink into and it molds to your body. It is absolutely yummy! Then on eBay today they have these 1000 CT 100% organic Egyptian cotton sheets! I feel cozy all over just thinking about how comfortable our bed is going to be. We will probably just decide to live in it and just never get out of bed again. We could cover our floor in sand and we could pretend that it is a house boat that is docked. Anyway I am very excited about it, and who wants to make a bet that it will be on our bed and we will be sleeping on and in it well before Christmas. Both Ben and I are horrible about that. I don't think we have ever made to till Christmas before opening our presents or at least telling each other. Also last night Ben bought me something from the kids. I have a pretty good idea what it is but I tried to trick the kids into telling me by telling them that I would tell them what I got them if they told me what they got me. Of course I had my fingers crossed behind my back.
So there you have it, all the thoughts that are running through my head at this moment. 5000-G, I'm outta here!


Well all our company has left so things are going to start to get back to normal around here. Addison skipped two days of school last week (the first time ever) so she could go to the beach with Savannah and when she went back she had 7 pages of homework. This is Kindergarten let me remind you. Crazy!
So Christmas is near and I am so excited!! I would put up a tree in July and listen to Christmas music year round if it was up to me! I am extra excited this year because last night we went and bought outside lights and decorations for our house. Let me tell you this is the first time in 6 years of marriage that Ben has put lights up on our house. We always look like the scrooges on the street, or the "Kranks" for all you movie buffs. The inside of the house is always done up, but the outside looks like dulls-ville. I guess Ben figured now that we are in Hawaii the climate would be perfect to stand outside for a few hours putting up decorations. Probably thought it would be a good way to work on his tan. Never the less I am getting lights and I am so excited! (doesn't take much!) I also got these giant presents that light up at Costco. They will look great sitting in my snowless yard!
I am almost done my Christmas shopping, well about half actually, but I pretty much know everything that I need to get. I have been doing allot of my shopping online this year. Much easier!

Monday, November 15, 2004

Sea Life Park

Yesterday we took the kids to Sea Life Park. They had military appreciation day and we got in for free, but they still find away to get all your money through the gift shop and $30 hamburgers and hotdogs. It was fun but not as good as Sea World! Although the view was way better because it was right on the ocean. We got to touch sea cucumbers and star fish and all sorts of other weird slimy things. I was supposed to go see Bridget Johns's Diary prt 2 tonight but apparently it is not coming out till next Friday. I am dying to see that movie! So I guess same time same place one week from today. Also I missed the last episode of Desperate Housewives (the best show on TV) so my husband is in the process of pirating it from the internet so I can watch it. Thank goodness for technology. We really need to get T-VO, or what ever it is called. See I try to be all yuppie like and I don't even know how to say it right. Oh well, we all know the truth, I am the white trash mom with bad hair who longs to be one of those rich uppity fancy moms with perfect hair, fake boobies and long nails (in a classy way) Ok I think I am rambling now. That is it for today!

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Addison and Cam playing in the waves!

North Shore Rocks!

I love the North Shore! It is just such a laid back beach/surfer town. It is definitely my favorite place to go on the Island! Today we went to Waimania Bay Beach Park, and went cliff diving! Last time I went there the water was smooth as ice, but today we had ten foot awesome waves. Made the jump even more daring and exciting. Got some good footage of my husband being his usual dork self. He would stand close to the shoreline and pretend to be gazing around pretending to not be paying attention. Then a giant wave would come over his head and spit him up on shore and he would have a "what just happened" expression on his face. He calls it his slap stick humor. Guess you had to be there. But anyone who knows Ben can picture it in their head very easily! Anyway the waves were great! Even my no fear daughter Addison braved the waves. It amazes me to see her in those waves. They are so big they even scare me, and she will get slammed and beg for more. I guess it is a good thing that she is not scared but being to brave is not so good either. She was mad at me all day because I would not let her jump off the 25 foot cliff into the ten foot waves today.

Friday, November 12, 2004

I hate goodbyes!

That is the one thing that really sucks about living in Hawaii! I just drove my mom to the airport and then proceeded to cry all the way home. It is great having company and picking people up from the airport but dropping them off again is just way to hard! I am going to miss having my, maid, babysitter, beach partner, shopping partner(who pays for everything), and most of all friend around every day! Hope you had a great trip home mom! Things will be just a little extra chaotic with you not around! Just wait till Wednesday when Addison will be forgotten at school again! So from here on out nobody is allowed to come visit unless they plan on moving to Hawaii for good, b/c I cannot take the goodbyes! Our friends the Racheal's are leaving on Monday, so I will do the dreaded trip to the airport all over again! I get a going to the airport goodbye stomach ache, and it really sucks. I come home and feel all empty inside b/c it just doesn't seem the same, and it takes me a couple weeks to feel normal again. Pathetic I know, but goodbyes are the hardest. Waaaggghhh:(


OK so we are on a boat in the middle of the ocean,( not quite middle but you get the drift), when all of a sudden there is a huge tug at the pole! I strap in and start reeling in with all my might, when the line snaps! But wait just as the last of the line starts threading out the end of the rod I grab it and start pulling the fish in by hand! BUT THEN...........I wake up, because I fell asleep from boredom on the boat b/c we did not see one single fish or even have a nibble. Oh wait that is a lie, we did catch a ziplock bag once, but that was the highlight of the day. So we basically took a real expensive 8 hour boat ride. I was so bummbed. Now I still can't say I have been deep sea fishing, b/c I don't think it counts if there are no fish involved. "Apparently" this is the first time in their history that this has ever happened! (what ever!) The good news is that no one on the boat got sea sick including myself. Or maybe that was the problem b/c there was nothing to attract the fish. Better luck next time I guess. I did get a good tan!

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

One to Many!

Ok I said one to many, but I really should have said about ten too many. Last night Ben watched the kids while my mom and I went to a luau. Our tickets included unlimited free mia ties, and well you know how I just love a deal. Well needless to say they went down way to well and I lost count somewhere around the twelfth. We had a great time, but I payed for it in the morning. Luckily I did not get sick, but I could not get enough sleep today and did not get out of my jammies until around dinner time. Now I know why I stopped drinking after I had kids. The next day just isn't worth it.

Well I have been horrible at keeping up with my bloggs with all my company here, but I promise to do better after everyone leaves. The trouble will be finding interesting things to write about.
Tomorrow we are going deep sea fishing for my first time, so hopefully I have some good fish stories to write about. If not I will make up a good one! I just pray that I do not spend the day with my head hanging over the side of the boat. I am not prone to motion sickness, but you never know. Wish me luck!

Friday, November 05, 2004

my mom and kids making rice crispy cake!

Rainy Day!

Today we have had a torrential down pour all day long! It has not stopped raining once all day and it has been coming down in sheets. The rain has been a blessing though because I really needed a whole day devoted to cleaning my house. Our wonderful friends "The Racheal's" are coming to visit for 9 days tomorrow! I decided to buy a bunch of rubbermaid tubs and organize all the kids toys in their playroom into tubs. For example, all their barbie's in one tub, all the playdough stuff in one tub ect. So the new playroom rule is that before you can start playing with a new bin you must clean up the previous bin first! So this is my new theory to keep the play room clean. Lets pray it works! We also went through and got rid of a bunch of toys to make room for Christmas. I told Addison we are going to donate her old toys to the poor kids, and she was not at all happy about that. What a giving heart she has! She had a half hour crying session when she found out. I would almost feel sorry for her if she didn't have two rooms full of toys. So tonight Ben is at work and us girls (and Corben) are having a pajama, rice crispy cake, hot chocolate, movie party! Fun Fun Fun!

Laundry....the spawn of satan!

Does anyone else out there in blog world ever feel that you can just never get a grip on your laundry? I swear I feel like that is all I do some times. A one women sweatshop! I do at least a load a day. Then I fold it directly out of the dryer, and put it in piles of who's who on my kitchen table. Well then I do not want to take them upstairs until it is all done so this could take a couple days. So for a couple days we push the clothes aside to eat dinner and what not. Finally I put the last load in and bring everything to the appropriate rooms. After doing all that laundry I am much to tired of it to put it away so then it stays stacked up on top of everyone's dresser for a couple more days. Then I finally get tired of rifling through it every morning looking for that one shirt so I finally get it all into drawers. Well by the time this process is all done I open the closet where we keep dirty laundry and there is a huge pile again! AGHHHH! So the whole viscous cycle starts again. I haven't even mentioned the ironing. At the moment I iron as I wear, but I think I am going to start a new regiment of making an ironing pile as I fold the clothes and do it all at once. If there is anyone out there who has a good laundry system.......Please help!

Thursday, November 04, 2004

In case you were wondering

Well folks....Yesterday was Wednesday and I am happy to announce that we were on time (even a bit early) to pick up Addison from school on her early day!! Yes thanks you, thank you, really you can stop applauding now, really, I'm blushing, stop!
To flabbergast you even more, get this........I, Alyssa Turner spent the day shopping with my mom and did not purchase one thing! Wow, now that is one to write down in the record books!
My husband will be well pleased with me. Just a little note to all you book readers, there is a series of books written by an English author by the name of Sophie Kinsella called "Confessions of a shopaholic! " They are so fun and awesome to read. There are 4 books in the series. Very Bridget Jones diary type humor. There is also a separate book called "Can You Keep A Secret" that had me laughing out loud. If I was Oprah I would have it as one of my must reads in my book club! Anyway there is your little piece of Alyssa Turner wisdom for today. Have a good one!

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Alyssa and Ben on their date night

Date Night!

Last night we took full advantage of my mom visiting and Ben and I had a date night! We had a long dinner out by the water, and then went to see a late movie. We saw The Bourne Supremacy at the dollar theater. It is a good thing we went to the dollar theater to, because we both fell asleep like a couple of old pentioner's. We try to be young and fun but then reality sets in and we see just how old and boring we are. We took a pic before our date b/c we have no pictures of just Ben and I without kids attached to our ankles so I am going to attach it just for fun!