Friday, December 29, 2006

rain on my parade

We had a whole beach day planned for today. Ben had the day off, the kids were sporting their new bathing suits they got from Santa, and we were getting ready to go. Then Ben got called into work. WAHHHH! Why does this always happen. So I thought I would make the best of it and take all the kids to the pool. I jump in the shower to shave my legs, get my bathing suit on, go down stairs to make breakfast and see that it is pouring down rain. Why me? I hate shaving my legs for nothing what a waste. So now I am just depressed and I am going SHOPPING! With four kids....why does that not sound as fun as I want it to be? I am sure it will just be even more depressing as my big butt (growing by the day) will not fit in any of the sizes I want it to anymore. I think I will just buy and not try on. Then I can just pretend I have cute new clothes, and I will HAVE to get skinny in order to wear them. Deranged you may think, but what ever works.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

A few pics from Christmas

On Christmas eve eve we took the kids to the waterslide park. Addison is now tall enough to ride all the ride, and she has no fear!

Christmas Eve we went to the service at our new church. It went real well and we had a good turn out. Then we came home had dinner and opened present!

Good luck getting us all look and smile at the same time!

I want to open presents too!

The girls with their American Girl dolls!

This was by far Corben's favorite gift!!!

Camryn informed us she wants to be a fashion designer. Here she is with her new sewing machine. She is actually quite good and has made 4 purses, a blanket, and a book mark!

This is our new patio table that I am completely in love with!

More pics to come soon!

Friday, December 22, 2006

Merry Christmas....Time for an update!

I have to start off by saying Merry Christmas and happy Birthday Jesus!! Things have not slowed down one bit in the Turner household. I finally finished up my Christmas shopping! I really did not enjoy Christmas shopping this year. Oh why you ask? Well why don't you sit back, grab a cup of Joe, and I will tell you all about it. First of all my kids are SPOILED rotten. Not just a capital S but all the letters! The reason I could not find anything to buy is because they have EVERYTHING already. Seriously there was not one thing out there that I could think of that we don't already own in some way shape or form. They all have a Nintendo DS, they have a digital camera, they have bikes, and scooters, and roller blades, and build a bears, and cabbage patch kids, and American girl dolls, and game cube, the big kitchen, the train table,the basketball net, the puppy, and I could go on and on. How did my kids get so rotten?? Well I know I have to take some blame, obviously we have not been teaching a lesson in going without. The thing is every Christmas a birthday we have all this money coming in from all the grandparents and stuff. Because we live so far away they usually send us money to buy stuff for them. So my parents are divorced and they each send $100, then Ben's parents send another $100, then we throw in $100, and then the great grand parents send $25 so each kid has over $400 to spend two times a year, so that is $800 per kid per year. Times that by four for 4 kids and you have $3200. So every year we get $3200 dollars to spend on junk for the kids, not to mention all the stuff they get from friends at their birthday parties and what not. CRAZY! Yes we have accounts open for all them and we put some of that into there to save. Regardless it all comes down to way too much stuff for 4 kids under the age of 8. We seriously have to purge the playroom just to make room for more. Don't even get me started on the playroom, and how it is always a mess even though I have it all organized in bins, and drawers, and how my kids never take are of there stuff, and and and! So there you have it.....Why Christmas shopping sucked this year. I will post pics of the opening of present extravaganza!
Well I have to admit my kids are not the only spoiled ones around here. I have made a haul this year! First of all I got my new camera, (a few months back, which does not really count b/c it is for my business. Then last week I got a new 17" mac book pro!!!! Again it is for the business, but I probably did not have to buy the best computer on the market for it (spoiled part), then for Christmas I got an IHome for my Ipod. Awesome! Then Ben and I pooled our Christmas money and got this amazing outdoor patio set. I have been searching online and cannot find a picture so I will have to take one and post it later. Anyway it is amazing with 4 cushiony chairs, and a slate tile top with a gas fire pit right in the middle. We sat out by the fire last night and it was heavenly! I still have one present under the tree that I have not figured out yet. You see I am terrible at waiting to give or receive presents. The kids and I have been bugging Ben every day to open them. He is a stickler for the rules and is making us wait....Well sort of. The other day Camryn woke up before Ben and I told her if she told me what my Christmas present was I would tell her what hers were. Enter IHom for my Ipod. I didn't think she would really tell me. Well I guess I sort of did, I mean she is 5. I know I know! I am terrible. I don't think Ben has ever had a surprise on Christmas because I keep giving him hints. So here is the recap....Christmas is great! We are all excited! We are all very spoiled! We love Jesus!

Another milestone that was reached this past week is our 8th wedding anniversary. We made it past that 7 year itch which I must admit was not very itchy. I nearly forgot about it all together and was working on my computer when I felt someone behind me. I turn around and Ben was standing there with 18 yellow roses and a box! He told me I had 2 hours to get ready (does he know me or what) and that I had to wear this, extending box! I grab box rip box open and find gorgeous Italian white gold necklace and pendant. What is the difference between white gold and Italian white gold? It is from Italy I guess! So I put on my new gorgeous necklace spent the full two hours getting ready while jamming to my Ipod on my Ihome, and we went to dinner at our favorite restaurant, and saw the movie The Holiday! It was great!

Hmm what else, so much going on. The kids are officially on Christmas break and I could not be more happy. We are all excited to be able to sleep in every day! Although apparently my internal alarm clock did not get the message because it keeps going off at 6am. Bing I'm awake!

yesterday since it was the first day of their vacation we took them on the Atlantis Submarine. I thought it was way kind of boring and way over priced, luckily we got extremely discounted tickets, and even then I say it was not worth it. I will say for kids that are not old enough to snorkel ( like Corben) it was real neat. Anyway it was a fun day, we spent the rest of the afternoon at the pool of a hotel in Waikiki pretending to be tourists.

I went to get my hair done a few weeks ago and I told her to go crazy. I ended up being 5 inches shorter and a red head! Yikes! shev even had to color my eye brows because they are so blonde. I am still trying to decide if I like it or not. I think I like the color but not the cut. I should have done one or the other but not both. However it is less then two weeks later and I already have roots. Except this time they are actually lighter then my hair color which is even more annoying.

note new necklace Italian white gold necklace in picture!

The girls were in the Christmas parade this year for cheerleading. They had to march and cheer 3 miles! They did great and boy were they cute!

Here is Londyn, and her friend Hayden watching the parade!

The casting director of Lost called me again and I got to do another episode. It ended up that I had to go at 5am and be a nurse but they never did get to our scene so I never even got on screen. Gosh darnet! Next time I guess. I did get to meet the girl who plays Claire, and the guy who plays Jack's dad. I also got to read the script and find some more clues to the show!

Well a have a busy day of editing pictures and purging the kids toys ahead so I better get going. Have a Merry Christmas and I will see you all back in the New Year! Mele Kaleke Maka!