Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Well get this....

Well remember that horse shoe I had tightly wedged up my butt, well apparently it has wiggled itself free and fell out. Last night while enjoying a nice glass of red wine and watching quality TV (The Bachalorett) we got a knock at out door. Who in the world would be knocking on our door at 9:30 pm you ask? Well let me tell you. It was an officer who was delivering a rather important tidbit of information. It turns out that in 30 short days our house is going to be auctioned off to the highest bidder. It turns out the the owners of this house have been skipping out on their mortgage payments and the house is going to be foreclosed. The house that just six short months ago we moved into. The house that I spent hours painting and decorating. Did God not get the memo I sent that said I AM SICK AND TIRED OF MOVING AND PLAN TO KEEP THE SAME STREET ADDRESS FOR MORE THAN TWO YEARS FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY MARRIED LIFE? Did I spell something wrong? Did I not put it in big enough letters? Did I not put enough smiley faces with my explanation points? I seriously cannot believe I will be packing my bags yet again.

What did we do next you ask? Well I poured another glass of wine of course. I mean the world just looks better through cabernet glasses does it not? After I downed that next glass well the whole thing just seemed kind of comical and we made homeless joke for the rest of the evening. We did get ahold of our property manager and she had no clue that any of this was going on. On the plus side until the house sells and the new owners take over which will probably take a couple months we do not have to pay any rent. So that will save us thousands of dollars. We also got on the internet and started looking up new houses. There are no houses that I love as much as this one but, but hopefully something will come up. In the mean time if anyone has any empty boxes they are not using send them my way.

Surprisingly I am taking this very well and am not living up to my title of drama queen. However when it comes time to hauling boxes I am sure i will take up my crown and let the drama comence! I will keep everyone posted.

Oh and on a side note to Kelly T this now makes two blogs and you must put me back on your blog roll. Not to mention that I am sure there are going to be some good blogs coming out of this situation.

Oh and on a totally different side note before we found out our house was being taken over, our house had already been taken over by another creature. Bugs! Little tiny crawling bugs! That was the disaster we were dealing with before this whole other disaster started. Let me back up a bit. Camryn has been waking up with bug bites. Little itchy bites would appear every day. A few days later it spread to the other kids and I was starting to get concerned so i did some research on the ol' internet and discovered the culperate that was attacking my family. Let me back up once more and tell you how there has been a bird nest hosting two baby birds in one of the tall pillars on our front porch. the kids have enjoyed watching these baby birds every day so we thought ah how cute and never thought any more of it. Well it turns out that along with baby birds come baby bird bugs. Apparently there is a little critter known as a bird mite and that is what has been crawling and feeding off my children. So white trash I know. So yesterday we got some great footage of Ben removing the birds nest and birds from our patio and we have drenched the whole place down in Raid. Fortunatly these little mites cannot live off of humans and in a few short weeks, 6 to be exact they will die off. I guess I just found a new way to entertain my kids over summer break. Give them each a pen and have them try to connect the bug bites and see who can make the best picture! That should keep them entertained for a couple hours. We could also play a game of who gets kicked out first, the bugs or the Turners. I swear this is never a dull moment around this place. Stay tuned for more on the days of our lives.


At 5:05 PM, Blogger pinksundrops said...

Holy sh*t. I believe those were the first two words out of my mouth when I read the first part of this post and told Brando. Hopefully you will get plenty of free months rent out of it!! I can't imagine getting a knock on the door like that! Thank God for vino.

As far as the bug bites, not white trashy at all. Everybody loves baby birs and I can't believe you found out it was them!!

At 7:20 PM, Anonymous Tannis said...

Oh Alyssa! There is never a dull moment in your life! Hilarious! Well I hope the bugs leave soon, cuz that's just gross and the poor kids don't deserve to be bitten... then again, you could live in Manitoba and get eaten alive by mosquitos!!
So.... will you be paying us a visit August Long? PPLLEEAASSEE!!! You'll be saving a lot of money on rent... hint hint!
Love Tannis

At 4:37 PM, Blogger Kelly said...

Can you not just buy the house you are living in??

I will put you back on my blog roll! :)

At 7:07 PM, Anonymous Linda & Phil said...

Oh my What a shock to your systems. We wish you all the Best for finding a new Home. You'll just have to stop cleaning up and make your place a mess so that maybe no one will want to buy it... and I agree with Tannis about Aug Long
Also Congrats on becoming an Aunt again so cute.

At 4:16 AM, Blogger Colleen Salter said...

Too bad about the bugs and the house. Good luck with house hunting. We hope to see you August long!!

At 5:27 PM, Blogger my life is brilliant said...

Wow, I can't believe that! It sounds like you're taking it really well. I hope you find a house that you love even more than this -- and one that you can really stay in this time!


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