Thursday, October 18, 2007

Sorry I fell off the face of ther earth....

Well practically, I was in Canada for a month. I am sure people have given up even checking this blog anymore because it has been so long since I have blogged. However for those few loyal readers out there I guess it is about time for an update. Hmm where do I even start??

We have had a busy summer full of compnay. Literally all summer we have one set of compnay fly out and another fly in the next day. I am not complaining because we love company and entertaining. But it does take a tole on my schedual, my pocket book, and my waistline. Some highlights of the summer was having our great friends from England come stay with us. They used to live here on the island and they were our closest couple friends. The kind of friends where our house was there house and vise versa. They have one adorable little girl who is the same age as my oldest. It was so great to see them play togeather again. While they were here we spent hours at the beach, went swimming with douplins, and had one girls night that will go down in the history books forever. It was great to see them again!

The day after they left my cousin flew in and once again we played tourist for a couple weeks. Ben took him out a few nights and even though his girlfriend was not able to make it I think he had a good time in Hawaii.

After he left we had 1 week to pack up and organise for a month long trip to Canada. My youngest brother was getting married and if we were going to fly the whole family all the way to Canada then we were going to take full advantage and stay as long as we could. Even though we were there for that long it seemed like 1 week. We were so busy the whole time just flew by. My brother's wedding was gorgous and we danced.....oh did we dance! It was so fun to have my whole family all togather again! My kids got to be reaquainted with all there cousins (and ther is Allot of them). They all had so much fun togeather and it was so nice to see. Melanie (my brother's new wife) is a welcome addition to our family and I am so excited that they are here on their honeymoon so I can get to know her better. There were many other highlights form Canada and I will try to name a few. One neet thing was that my little city kids got to get down and dirty on the farm. They loved it! They got to ride their own horse, go on a hay ride, drive a tractor, drive ATv's see a cow close up, roast weiners on an open fire....followed by marshmellows of course.....and so on and so on. They were worn out by the end of each night. Oh wait no they weren't, that was me! We got to spend lots of time with my best friend Lisa and her husband and gorgous new baby. It was so fun hanging out with her almost daily and catching up. One thing that I love about our relationship is we can go months without seeing or talking to each other and then pick up right where we left off. Friends like that do not come around that often. I got to go to Grand Forks, with said best friend and go to a little piece of Heaven on earth....AKA...Target! I lost count of the shopping bags that came out of that store, but lets just say we are still trying to play catch up from our trip and Ben's is working endless hours to be able to afford me. Oh stop feeling sorry for him, I am worth it! Insert fabulous!

We took the kids to the Children's Museum, and they had a blast. It was a little sad for me because on this trip Londyn became more of a kid then a baby. She had always seemed like a baby to me because she is the youngest of all mine and my friends kids, but in Canada we were around allot younger babies and it made my little Londyn look so grown up. Make me sad. Almost sad enough to have another one, but not really.

We also had allot of fun staying with my cousin Tannis. We got my grandma, several aunts, more cousins, some other friends and all our girls and went out to the tea room for a tea party. It was a little stressful with all those girls running around but at the same time so fun to see them all togeather. Followed by a great night of conversationa and a movie all curled up on Tannis's couch!

Thanks to facebook we got to have a girls night of dinner and drinks with friends that I have not seen since middle school. It was so great to see them and catch up. Talk about funny slumber party stories from back in the day! The people sitting around us probably thought we were crazy because we were laughing so hard!

Addison got to go golfing with her grandparents. Had to see if those golf lessons paid off. Accordiing to Addison she beat my dad but I think she was alloud to cheat a little.

It was also fun to be able to wear warm clothes. Corben had never even had a pair of closed toe shoes or socks on in his life so it was neet to get all bundled up. Not so neat that I would want to do it for a whole winter, but neet for a few days. The kids got to go to the hockey rink with their cousins and walk on ice. WOW! May seem like nothing to you, but it was amazing to them.

Ben flew home a week before we did to go back to work and i stayed in Canada for another week. we ended our trip with a couple more nights in Grand Forks. We stayed at a new hotel with a huge indoor water park. My parents and of coarse my best friend Lisa came allong and we had a blast spenind hours on end at the waterslides, and don't be surprised by this but when we were not sliding we were shopping!

So how many of you have put two and two togeather and realised that poor little old me was stuck flying home with 4 count them four spoiled rotten (from their time with grandoparent) little children!! Actually I can't complain to much. Other then one 30 minute all out temper tantrum from Londyn at the very beggining of our flight the rest of the trip was pleasantly uneventful.

Since we have been home I have been busy trying to work off these holiday calories. Let's just say the pants are a little tighter now that I am home. Ok so there not a little tighter they are allot tighter, and well that pizza I had for dinner and will probably have for breakfast this morning is not helping. However seeing pictures of myself in a bathing suit on a surfboard is. I can not even tell you how fast I deleted that picture and banished it from my memory. What I should be doing is blowing it up and pasting it on my fridge.

A week after we got home my brother and his new gorgous wife are here on their honeymoon. Did I mention she is 5'10 and 125 pounds??? Just who I want to be sitting next to at the beach. Ok so I am a little bit jealous, and can't wait until she gets pregnant so I won't look so old and fat next to her. Jk I love you Mel! Seriously though it has been fun having them around! I am sure they love celebrating their honeymoon with my four children! If their parents were expecting grand children this was probably a bad idea. Four kids crawling all over you is all the birth control they need! We are trying to stay out of their way and sending them off on their own every day to go experience the island. This weekend they are travelling to one of the neighboring islands for a few days. They will be here for 3 weeks, which is great because it gives them plenty of time to experience everything without having to rush.

I got to do another epidose of Lost last week. It was great because my best friend in Hawaii got to do it with me. We have both done it a couple times but have never shot at the same time. We have always wanted to do a scene togeather, and since she is abandoning me in a few short weeks I am so glad we finally got to do that. I will talk more about my abandonment issues but that is a whole other post and I am still in denial that my best friend is moving back home to Georgia.

Well I think that is a pretty good recap for now. Plus It is hard to concentrate while Londyn is crying at my feet. I tried shewing her away but it is not working anymore. I guess I am going to have o break down and feed her. Hello can't she see that I am busy here! What does she think I am, a parent or something?

Oh one more thing. I have a bunch of pictures from the trip but hate loading them on blogger, so if you want to see them you have to go to facebook. If you are not on facebook, then hey what the heck get with the program!