Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Beach or Blog?

Summer vacation is here. School is out! No more dreaded alarm clocks going off in the morning. Well my husbands does but I just mock him for having to wake up, roll over and go back to sleep. The kids have been sleeping in till 9 or 10, then we wake up and head to the beach! Life is good! Aside from the lobster red chest I am sporting right now, but it will turn into tan soon. On top of that I have had two photo shoots this week which have been keeping me busy. Word is spreading like wild fire and I should stay fully booked throughout the summer! As far is blogging is concerned it is somewhere at the very bottom of my priority list right now. I still love reading what everyone else has to say but have not found a couple extra minutes in a day to write my own. In fact I could use a couple extra hours in a day just to get finished the things I have to do ( like go to the beach, and paint my toenails).
Last weekend we had a block party. It was great. We rented an inflatable water slide, cotton candy machine, and carnival games. The kids had a blast! I pretty much stayed in the cotton candy line and left only to get a homemade chocolate chip icecream cone, followed by some sponge cake with fresh berries and loads of whip cream. And I wonder why my back side says "wide load!"
I bought my homeschooling curriculum for next year. It is a private school curriculum and it is all on DVD so I do not actually have to BE the teacher. I will just give her worksheets and tests and stuff. So that should make life much easier. It also keeps you on I time schedule to get through the year so that should keep me disciplined to do school work instead of skipping to the beach.
Other then that pregnancy is going well, other the the whole fat cow thing. I will have my ultrasound in July and find out if we are expecting a girl or a boy. I am going to try to schedule it on my birthday. (July 14th, send presents! I am registered at The Gap!)
Well I cannot think of anything else new to fill you in on. So tune in next month!

Monday, June 06, 2005

We Won The Lottery!!!!!!

I cannot believe it but we won! We won the opportunity to give someone $355 000 in exchange for a 1200sqfoot house in Hawaii. There ended up being 105 people in the lottery and there were 17 houses. We were picked third so we actually got our first choice in floorplan! I hate to say this but for some reason I always get what I want. It is like the opposite of a curse. Gee it would be nice to live in Hawaii....boom...There you go! Can you work in a husband that puts up with me like no other guy would? And can you make him cute as well? Your wish is my command! You know what I would love to have three kids that sleep through the night right from birth.....Voila! What else can I do for you? How about a house that we can pocket $100 000 on when we sell? Well you are kind of pushing it but......OK what the heck! The thing is I know how much I don't deserve it but everything seems to come to me on a silver platter. I am not trying to brag here it is more of a shock. Anyway we won the house and we put down our first $1000 so we have $3 left! We already got to pick out all our flooring, counters, ect so that was so fun! We will be able to move some time in August. So we are really going to have to tighten our boot straps to be able to make our monthly payments, but it will be so worth it in the end. The best part is............I have a walk in closet. Not just a walk in closet more like another small room! Not that I will be able to afford to shop anymore but at least I will be able to ( for the first time in my life) host all the close I presently own! The bad news is we have to sell the jeep and get a cheaper car that we can buy outright and have no second car payment. So bye bye fun convertible jeep, hello old beater. Sorry Jeff and Kel, you will still have a free vehicle to use while you are in Hawaii but it might not be trendy:(
Oh and the very bad news is.....Well the public schools in Hawaii are just not the greatest. Addison's school on base has one of the highest ratings at a B+. This being said most people are not thrilled with it. Well in her new school district they have a D- and out of 252 schools on the island it is rated #239. So guess who is going to be unpacking a new house, painting walls, having a baby, and HOME SCHOOLING???!!! Not thrilled about the idea, not to mention Addison might start getting dumber instead of smarter. At least we will be able to sleep in and do school in our jammies. There are allot of home schoolers on the island though because of the poor public education so I should at least be able to get together with other moms and pull together our strengths. I can teach shopping 101! Anyway that is a little catch me up on what is going on in the Turner household!