Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I will at least give you something adorable to look at when you come to my site every day

There have not been enough minutes in a day to post lately, in fact it is now 4am and I just put Londyn down from a feeding and am about to head back to bed. So since time has been strained lately I thought I should at least give you something cute to look at rather then superbowl mayhem. So here are some pics of my sweeties....followed by yet another blonde moment.

Another Blonde Moment....

I was at an eye Dr. Appointment last week, they morning after my girlfriend slumber party, which I will fill you in on in the future, but we stayed up chatting till three am. Needless to say my eyes were blood shot and I was exhausted. They were running behind so after many long blinks my eyes finally shut for good and I was dead asleep, mouth hanging open and all. About 1/4 way into a good dream I hear my name being called. I pop awake and begin gathering my things.....Got my wallet, got my cell phone, got my keys.....Wait a minute....I don't have my keys....My keys!!!Where are my keys???? I start to look for them all flustered and in that just woke up daze. The receptionist getting tired of waiting for me at the door comes out to see what is taking me so long. I tell her my dilemma and she helps me turn the waiting room upside down. I mean we were pulling cushions off the couch, on our hands and knees under the couch, looking through the magazine piles, about to interrogate the two year old a couple seats down when I have a moment of clarity followed by an "oh shoot!" "oh shoot!" The receptionist looks at me with an "oh what"............................................I vallet'd my car. Oops hehe!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Superbowl mayhem...

Ok I will be the first to admit that I only watch superbowl for the commercials, good food and good friends. This year since my friends are visiting from Canada, I decided to invite some more friends and throw a little party of my own. My friend and her husband decided they would wake up early and go tour Pearl Harbor before the party started. So while they were gone I busied myself all morning straightening the house and making a bunch of finger food. Our original plan was to go to the pool for the day and TiVo the game to watch later. I was told however that would be unamericain and not even an option. So it was soon time for kick off and my guest had arrived but my Canadian company was still not back yet. I had spoke to them on the phone and they were on their way, and were just going to pick up a couple last minute things for me. WELL I had just gotten off the phone with Lisa when I got a local call from someone asking for my friends. Confused as to who would be calling them I told her they stepped out and would be back soon. "ell I just left them, I guess they have not told you yet but they rear ended me." Oh um that sucks, especially since they were driving my van. Lisa calls me back shortly after that and lets me know about the line ups at the grocery store, but still says nothing about the accident. She had no idea I knew so I had a little smirk on my face the whole time. So after the conversation I asked her if they were ok and that the girl they hit just called.........Followed by an "oh shit" on the other end, she told me what happened, and that they were going to wait until they got home to tell me. So they finally come home and her husband walked in feeling so bad and I reassured him that it was no big deal, and lets just forget about it and enjoy our superbowl party. So that is exactly what we did and opened beers all around. Soon after I had swallowed my first sip I here Corben crying out in pain. I look over and poor Dave (the guy who was driving my van) was lifting Corben up in the air by his hands and had apparently pulled something out of socket. After a call to the ER they told us he would have to coming to have it replaced. So before I could even enjoy a bite of lunch I was off to the ER. (for 4 hours) So I left the party, and Dave joined me. At this time he was feeling as small as an ant. In the course of a few hours he had got in an accident in my van, and broke my child. The poor guy felt so bad, that I felt more sorry for him then I did for Corben. After several x-rays and assessment from several different Dr's they sent Coben home with a follow up appointment in a couple days. It turned out that what ever it was it had corrected itself and he was using his arm again in a few days. By the time we got home the party was over and my guests had all gone home. Maybe we will try again next year. I am sure Dave will understand if he des not get an invitation.

In all seriousness, it has been great having my best friend and her husband visiting and we have had so much fun together. She is the type of friend that you could go 5 years without seeing and when you get back together it seems like just yesterday. The type of friend that you do not have to impress but just enjoy each others company flaws and all. The type of friend who you can fart in front of and just laugh about it. The only thing that I regret is that Ben is not here to have fun with us, so I am just going to have to make them come back again later.

Well I have a shower calling my name! Catch you on the flip side. Go Steelers! That is who won right?

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

What a blessing

I am one of the lucky ones who's inlaws are a blessing rather then a....well you know what some inlaws can be. I have always looked up to Ben's mom since the first day I met her. There was just something about her that drew you in. She is so unconditionally loving and welcoming you can not help but love her. In fact most of Ben and his brother Daniel's friends and old girlfriends still come by to visit her on a regular basis because she is just a great person. It was through her that I first saw the heart of Christ. His light shawn threw her with a brightnes you could not deny. Believe me I tried my hardest to deny it but eventually He won me over and I gave my life over to Him. She once shared with me that she has been praying for Ben's wife since he was just a little boy and in essence has been praying for me all my life, which is such a comforting thought. To think a little girl from Canada would end up meeting the man of her dreams way down south in Texas, and in meeting him also met the Father of her dreams as well. Her Hevenly father that is. I thank Judy for introducing Him to me.
Since then my inlaws have been so great to us in so many ways. They have prayed for us when we needed guidance, they have provided for us when we needed help, and they have loved us always.
I feel like I owe them so much for all they have done for us. When we were trying to come up with the down payment on our house ($2000) with 7 days notice, they lent us the money no questions asked. Then when we went to pay them back they told us to keep it as a house warming gift. That is one huge house warming gift. In fact that is several house warming gifts. Yesturday they went over the top again and saved us $900 by booking the flight for our nanny (who Judy also found for us) to come out using their airmiles. That is going to be such a great help to us and I cannot thank them enough. All I know is I am glad I have the inside line with them because they will have one of those huge mansions in Heaven, probably a couple houses down from Mother Teressa. And even though thanks to Judy I will have made it up to Heaven I will probably be living in the little emerald shack on the wrong side of the golden tracks, but I can knock on her giant door any time a day and it will always be open to me any anyone else who wants to be blessed by knowing her.