Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Open butt insert horseshoe....

Well I should have known that things were going to work out even better than I ever imagined. So glad this horse shoe thing is working for me. Yes you guessed it, we found a new place to live. However not just a house but a bigger better perfect house for the same price. If we were to purchase this house we would have to dish out $1 000 000. No you are not reading this wrong that is 6 zeros in a row! Our back yard over looks the 7th green of the Arnold Palmer golf course. It is 2800 square feet with hard wood floors through out, granite counter tops, stainless steel appliances, 5 lanias,(also known as a patios or balcony if you do not live in Hawaii), upgraded painting of the entire house, recess lighting, This house is amazing! We have a huge balcony off the master bedroom on the second floor also overlooking the golf course. The people who live there now have there treadmil out there and a TV mounted up in the corner and I am going to do the same thing. What a view to have as I sweat off the pounds! We will be moving in on September 1st. Pictures will be posted then on September 7th. As you can imagine the decorating ideas are swirling around my head and I cannot wait to get in there and start making it our own. All of it just seems way to good to be true, and to make it even more unbelievable the guy is willing to let us sign a three year lease at our set rental rate so we know we will live there long term (for us 3 years is very LONG term) and our rent will not go up as long as we live there. So in the ned we got an even bigger, even better house and lived in Hawaii rent free for two months, I'd say we made out like bandits on this whole forclosure deal! Not that I am one to celebrate over someone elses loss but woo hoo!!!!

If you go to then click on new homes and then on Haleakea you can view the model home. We are the #4 floor plan.

We had a great 4th of July. We decided last minute to book a hotel in Waikiki and spend a few days being tourists. We had a BBQ with some good friends during the day and then headed to Waikiki in the evening. Met up with some other good friends down town, and headed to the fireworks on the beach. After that we went to one of the hotel pool side bars and had a few drinks while the kids cut a rug (or piece of pavement) on the dance floor. Spent the next day lounging by the pool which was located on the roof of the 10th floor and then made out way home the next evening. It was a great little escape with the family.

I am also very very excited to be typing this post on my new 24 inch IMac. With all the editting I have been doing lately we thought it would be nice to have a comfortable area to sit and work other then slouched on the couch with my laptop in my lap. Our home desktop was going on 6 years old and was about to peter out so we decided to go with a new apple since that is what the kids learn on in school. I had switched to Apple a couple years ago with my laptop and have never wanted to turn back to PC since. Even Ben who is a PC avocet is thinking about switching to apple for his laptop. We also plan to switch to the Iphone when our contract is up in November so the Turner's are going to be Mac'ed out!

I hesitate to write all the good things that happen to me because 1. I feel like it is to good to be true and one day I am going to pay big time for all my good fortune, (and by fortune I do not mean material things but my great husband, and beautiful healthy children, and waking up t the smell of sea salt, these are the things I am grateful for) 2. I feel like people might think I am being showy. So I just want to say that yes I may have been a bit spoiled in this life and sometimes I take all my blessings for granted, especially my husband, but I do truly appreciate everything and when I share all these things it is because I am so excited, and dumb founded, and I cannot believe that this is really my life.


At 8:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG WOW!! Is the only thing I can say! Alyssa you to come rub up against me to give me just a hint of your good luck! LOL! Well that all sounds to good to be true! I am really happy for you guys. So since your getting a bigger house, that means you have more room for visiters hey!! hint hint! Hope all continues to go as well as it has been going so far! Have an awesome summer!!

Love your Cuz
Tara ;)

At 8:44 AM, Anonymous Jen said...

You are a your blog! Don't feel "guilty" about your good fortune...we attract what we put forth, so you are obviously putting forth some good energy!
I can tell that you have a lot of passion and enthusiasm for life and love for your family. We all love to shop and have nice things so dont feel guilty about that. It seems you have your priorities deserve it:-)

At 4:56 PM, Blogger my life is brilliant said...

Geez, that's some awesome luck! Wanna go halvsies on a lottery ticket? ;)

Congrats on the house! I'm going to to check out the floor plan right now!


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