Monday, December 26, 2005

Lower level pics!

Now that our couches are finally in and our lower level is free of the Christmas clutter I can post pics of the livingroom and kitchen!

A Festivous for the rest of us!

Well this was our first Christmas with no extended family to celebrate with. It was hard to be away from all the fun family festivities we we managed to make our little family Christmas special anyway. I must admit it is very hard to get in the Christmas spirit in Hawaii. It is hard to see sand and envision snow. At least in Texas, although we never had a white Christmas, there was always a little nip in the air and you could at least throw on a sweater. This year we spent Christmas in our bathing suits. We opened presents and headed to the pool. We started Christmas a few days early since Ben is leaving soon we did not want that looming over us while we were trying to have fun. So Thursday we cooked our traditional spaghetti Christmas Eve dinner and after opened all our gifts. The kids had a blast and did not know what to play with first. In fact we had to stop unwrapping every once and a while so they could try out their latest toy. I think the girls favorite was their Karioke machine, and Corben was partial to his motorcycle, (and the girls lip gloss). He has a strong and sensitive side. Growing up with all these girls in the house who could expect any less.
Friday we spent the day at the pool, had a BBQ rib dinner then snuggled in with the kids and watched Polar Express, with some hot coco. The next morning we did Santa gifts and stockings. This year Addison started questioning if Santa was real so after watching Polar Express that night we left her a note from Santa and it included a bell from his slay that she could ring to see if she still believed. Of course we all heard the chimes and she was so excited to tell her friend that didn't believe because she now had proof that he was real. It was so sweet to see the excitement in her eyes! After presents we spent another afternoon at the pool, followed by a big ham dinner, and then an all out Mario Party 7 marithon! All and all I would rate this Christmas a success,and look forward to next year when we can deck the halls, and wish Jesus another Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Two nights ago my husband and I celebrated 7 years of marital bliss. Ok it has not been blissful the whole time but I have to say I am the luckiest women in the world to have a husband like him, and besides that no one would put up with me like he does. Not an easy job! So we were going to get a babysitter and go out but I didn't feel like going through all the hassle so I thought we would go get some take out, a blanket, and a bottle of wine and go eat out on the beach and watch the sunset (with the kids) So we loaded the car and drove to Chili's to pick up our dinner. Well by the time we got out with our take out the sun had already gone down and it was pitch black. I decided since I brought candles we could still eat at the beach and listen to the water hitting the shore. Well we got down to the beach and apparently it closes at sunset so we could not get in. Well! We decided to cut our loses and drove back home. We spread out our blanket on the living room floor, turned out the lights, lit our candles and there the 6 of us ate dinner. Not even into my second bite the phone rings. My 6 year old daughter says, " tell them to go away can't they see we are trying to have a romantic dinner here? " Too funny!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

30 year old virgin.

I hate to admit this but up until last night, I was a virgin. A Sephora virgin that is. Being a shopper it is almost embarrassing admitting there is a store I have not yet concurred. I had read about it in a few of Allison's blogs, and I was always intrigued but last night thanks to my good friend Vanessa my cherry was popped and oh what a climax! We started off slow taking in one isle at a time, trying to run my fingers over each item, but I soon got to excited and pre-ejaculated my credit card. Items were dropping into my basket faster then I could say CHARGE IT!!!! After getting a sample facial from the bare essentials, line the lady asked me if I would like her to write down the colors that were good for me for future reference. Write it down....heck no put it in my basket. I have lips that plump like Angelina Jolie, and am well on my way to a new shopping love affair. I can't wait until the next time I can sneak off with my new found lover. Now that my husband is leaving the country for a few months it will be easier then ever to get away and pleasure myself at the mall. Who ever said sex is better then shopping was so so wrong!
Oh and one more thing, I want to say a supper dupper thank you to Vanessa who is a strong believer that even though baby gifts are great mommy needs a little pampering too and she took me out for a pedicure. Thank you Vanessa for my hot toes!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Londyn says.....

Thank you Trimbel family for my awsome blanket! It is the softest blanket I have ever felt in my whole 20 days of life! Hugs and kisses!