Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Call me crazy....we bought a puppy!

Well as we did not have enough new additions to our family we decided to add a puppy to the family as well! He is 8 weeks old and we named him Rufus. He is a Yorkshire terrier-Chihuahua mix. He looks like a little teddy bear. The kids are of course crazy about him, and let me tell you until he starts peeing on my carpet so am I. Meet Rufus!

Call me Martha Stewart ( minus the whole "I've been to jail" thing!)

Well I finally finished the curtains in my girls room. They turned out so cute! If only they could tell the storey of the blood and sweat that went into them. I had been sewing along for an hour and a half. Had just gotten all the tabs and the hem done on the top piece. I then went to attach it to the bottom piece when "oh my gosh" they were not the same width! Yes I could have measured this before I got started but that would be too smart and convenient. You see I was making the curtains out of two flat sheets and I assumed they would be the same size. However I forgot that one was a twin size and one was a full size. So after all the labor I had to start all over again on the top piece so it would be the right length! URGE! Never the less it finally got done and below you can view the results! That darn Hawaiian sun makes it so bright.....

Next subject.......I got three of my online orders of baby clothes yesterday!
Imagine the look on my husbands face when I carry three big boxes in the door.....PRICELESS! Anyway it was so fun going through all the tiny pretty
clothes. Londyn now has 7 new bathing suits. 5 bikinis and 2 one pieces. She can't be a beach baby without them. Girl baby clothes are so much fun! I also got some new maternity shorts and two shirts. Shopping is great!

Also yesterday Addison ( my 6 year old) auditioned with the children's theater for a part in the play Hansel and Gretel. She got the part of the Wallybird and was very excited. MY LITTLE ACTRESS! There were 83 people from kindergarten to 12th grade and there were about 40 parts so she made quite an accomplishment just getting in. Look at me bragging away. I hope I do not turn into one of those crazy stage moms. I mean of course my kids are the cutest, most well dressed, most well behaved kids around, but that goes without saying. I mean is it my fault I was blessed with such great kids. Of course I have to gush! So way to go Addison! We are so proud of you!

Big news on the book front. My favorite author who wrote the shopaholics series just came out with a new book. It is called The Undomesticated Goddess. I am only 1/4 of the way through but so far it is real cute. She cracks me up!

Well I guess that is all I have to catch you up on today. Martha
Stewart Signing out!

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Belly picture 5 months!

Everyone has been asking me how I have been growing so I thought I would post a picture!

Million Dollar Baby

Last night we rented this movie. Not your typical chick flick but it got so many awards I wanted to what all the hype was about. All in all the movie was real
good and the acting fantastic, however it left me feeling a little depressed.
The funny thing that I just have to point out if Hillary Swank and Matt Damon
could be twins. It is unreal how much they look alike. Mostly in the mouth but
right down to their pastey white skin. Check it out when you get a chance.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Tag....I'm it!

I got tagged by one of my new favorite blogs to read to follow suit in a run down memory lane followed by a few top 5's. So I am going to do my blogging duty and follow suit. I would put a link to her blog but am computerly challenged so if you see a comment under the name "elle" ( now you have to comment! You can link to her from that. Anyhow now that we got that out of the way I will carry on. Oh but first I need to blog about our girl night last night. Oh it was wild. It had all the girl night must haves. Addison even said it was the best girl night ever. Since she is 6 I guess it is not saying much. Last night since my husband was working and Corben had not had a nap all day we decided we would put him to bed early, put on some tunes and have a girl night with myself and my two daughters age 6 and 4. It involved pizza, nail polish, cookies, and a chick flick. I gave the girls a full pedicure with foot soak, massage, and nail paint included. I even painted a little daisy on each big toe. Now this is huge for me because as a rule I HATE feet. Well except for my feet because they are cute, and their feet because they are little versions of my feet. However my husbands feet cannot come near me with a ten foot pole. Nor can anyone else's.
So once everyone had pretty toes, minus one little mishap. (Cam spilt red nail polish all over the living room carpet and my favorite maternity pants) Normally this would freak me out but we are moving in a month and they are replacing the carpets anyway, and I jumped right on line and ordered new pants. That kind of sucks that I had to buy the same pants twice but I found a cute top to buy too, so it was kind of a win win right? So back to the storey. You can tell I have not had my morning cup of chi tea b/c I am rambling and getting side tracked. We then made some oatmeal raisin cookies, Slice and bake of course. Not much home made cooking comes out of my kitchen unfortunately. Actually they were not even slice and bake, they were the kind that are already formed into little cookies. All you have to do is space them out on a pan. Even that can be challenging for the cooking impaired. They turned out just fine and we enjoyed them over the movie 13 going on 30. I had seen it before but the girls enjoyed it. I did have to carry Camryn to bed at the end of the movie. I guess that was just too much fun for one night. Next subject!

10 years ago today- since I cannot remember I will do ten years ago from my bday which was a week ago, but I do not remember what I did on my 20th bday I will do my 22nd birthday. So 8 years ago from last week (are we confused yet?) My first bday celebrated with my boyfriend (now husband) we went sky diving followed by a huge surprise keg party.

5 years ago- goodness I have a bad memory. I was pregnant with my second child and getting ready to move to Texas.

1 year ago- My brother and his girlfriend were out visiting and we went and got manicures and pedicures followed by a night out on the town. We were home by 10:30. Party animals! Actually we went to Tiki's for some drinks, and they served a drink in a coconut and you got to keep the cup for $14. I thought that would look cute in our little bar since we live in Hawaii so we had to drink at least 4 so I could have a set. We were so full from drinking all those lava flows that we just wanted to go home and bloat. My skinny jeans were not feeling so skinny anymore. Turns out they sell the coconut cups at the dollar store so I could of gotten them there for $4 minus a stomach ache. Who knew? I guess that is what I get for not shopping at the dollar store!

yesterday- I spent the day at the beach with my friend Heather and the kiddies. It was gorgeous as usual!

Tomorrow- My husband took the day off so I am sure we will head back to the beach for the day. Oh life is rough!

5 snacks I enjoy- salt and vinegar chips, ketchup chips (I have to get shipped in from Canada, and they have to be Old Dutch), French Fries, buffalo wings, and chocolate, which is kind of a new obsession of mine.

5 adult beverages I enjoy- margaritas, chocolate martinis (which I just discovered last year!), an ice cold beer on a hot day (well maybe more then 1), Lava Flow (to die for!), and Gin and Tonic with a lime.

5 bands I know the lyrics to- hmm...I am not a huge music person, how about bands I think I know the lyrics to but mess most of them up- The Doors, Almost any song from the 80's (including big hair bands), most praise and worship songs, Tragically Hip, and REM.

5 things I would do with $100 000 000- Buy an awesome house on the ocean, buy myself a cute little convertible, take my best friends on a New York Shopping weekend and stay at The Plaza pent house, put money away for my kids collage, go on the best deluxe vacation ever!

5 locations I would like to run away to- Europe, Fiji, Australia, Hawaii ( I live here but I would be happy to stay put), and my mind just went blank.

5 bad habits I have- picking at my lips when they are dry, spelling, putting away laundry, my husband thinks my shopping is a bad habit ( but that's the price you pay to marry a princess!), cursing when I get mad.

5 things I love doing- SHOPPING, getting pedicures, decorating the house, going to the beach, date nights with my husband.

5 things I would never wear- stirrup pants, a cheesy Christmas sweater, leg warmers, a vest, high top running shoes.

5 tv shows I like- Desperate Housewives, Friends, O.C., Gilmore Girls, and Trading Spaces.

5 movies I like- When Harry Met Sally, The Notebook, Meet The Parents, 50 First Dates, Finding Nemo.

5 famous people I would love to meet- Ben Affleck, Sarah Jessica Parker, Drew Barrymore, Beth Moore, Jessica Simpson

5 biggest joys at the moment- my husband, my kids, feeling the baby move inside me, our new house, going to the beach

5 favorite toys- I don't really have any "toys" because my kids have too many, but my clothes, shoes, and accessories, I would love to have a boat!

5 people to tag- Kelly, Jeff, Darlene, Vanessa (this would be a good time for you to start a blog) if not you have to answer in person, Amy (since you have not blogged in a year!

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Londyn Lillianna

That's our new name! I can't remember when I first came across it but I have been in love with it for a long time. I think it might have came to me when I looked at my back side in the mirror and noticed it was almost the size of london, but spelled it with a y to make it more feminine. What is it about the letter why that makes it feminine? The middle name is a combination of my two grandmothers name. Both have been such a wonderful influence in my life. Most of the people I have shared my name with have loved it, but there is always an exception to the rule. When my husband told my mother -in-law about the name she said "your kidding right?" followed by "how much do you hate your child!" Got to love when mother-in-laws give their honest opinion! The pregnancy is going great and my butt is growing as much as my belly. At least this will be the last time I have to lose the baby weight. Well I think it is, well maybe....lets not make any rash decisions. I mean the more I have the better chance I have that some of them will grow up and like me! Well I have french fries calling my name! More cushion for the pushin!

Friday, July 15, 2005

It's A.................

GIRL! Yep the Turner's are adding another little girl to the family! What a perfect way to start my 30th b-day, with a 9am ultrasound appointment. Did I say 30, um I mean my first aniversary of my 29th birthday. This was follwed by a bline to the mall to buy my first 5 girl outfits! Then lunch with our great friends The Trimbles who left this afternoon, and we already miss dearly. Then it was off for some pampering with a pedicure. Boy do my toes look good....they haven't aged a bit! Afetr that my friend took some family pictures of us at the beach and then we had reservations for 15 at my favorite, the Outback Steakhouse. It looked more like I was having a kids birthday party as we were largly outnumbered with 9 kids and 6 adults. We toped it off with a girl movie with all my friends while my wonderfully laid back husband babysat 7 kids. It was a great day, but I can't help dreading tomorrow when I have to clean up after the 7 kids who ran wild in my house all evening! Well It is almost 2am and this old lady is getting tired. I will blog in more detail soon. I have lots to fill everyone in on!

Thursday, July 07, 2005


Bloggers Jeff and Kelly Tremble are coming to visit us for a week. I can't wait to show them the Aloha in Hawaii. We have a full itinerary planned for them, so when they get home they are going to need a vacation from their vacation. We know Kelly and Jeff from when we lived in Wichita Falls, Texas. They were in our small group at church, and she was in my mom's bible study as well. I feel that I know Kelly and Jeff even better now since they started blogging. Kelly is the one who introduced me to the blogging world. Well they will be here in 7 hours so I better finish cleaning my house. You have to give the appearance that my house always looks this way. (ha ha)

Wednesday, July 06, 2005


About 4 months ago we got together with all our friends and decided to book a
group camping site for the July 4th weekend. since we booked so far out the
anticipation really built up, and we were all very excited! Finally the date had arrived and we spent a whole day packing, planning menus, and answering
our kids constant question "how much longer till we go camping?" So Friday
morning we get up bright and early, pack up the last of the food, fill our coolers with ice and head for the beach. We were so excited when we saw our camp site. It was a group site in the perfect location with the perfect fire pit, and an even more perfect view of the ocean. We set up our tents, grabbed our swim suits and got a few hours of sunning and swimming at the beach before dinner time. We grilled some burgers and dogs for dinner, followed by a campfire and numerous perfectly roasted smores!!! Give me smore! Give me smore! At this point the kids were so covered in marsh mellow that we could attach them to a tree and they would stick there. So we got them all cleaned up, gave them all glow sticks, and they preformed their own version of Star Wars. Since Corben had the green glow stick he was Yoda and all the kids came to him for his wisdom. Corben being two just stared at them blankly, wondering why all these kids were surrounding him. When all the kids burnt off their sugar high we cleaned them up and put them to bed. They were so excited to finally put to use the sleeping bags they had gotten for Christmas. That night we got a little rain but it was all gone by morning. The next day however we picked up some of the clothes that were left out in the rain on the picnic table and underneath were a few centipedes. Now these are the ugliest bugs on the face of the earth. The size of a small snake, they have a hard shell and many ugly legs. Not to mention the two pinchers at the end that carry a poisonous sting. The problem with these gross bugs is you cannot just step on them to kill them. You have to cut them with a hatchet or other sharp object. and even when cut in half they continue to wiggle away so you have to cut them into tiny pieces. So needless to say we were not happy to find these little critters in our camp site. We get through breakfast and are laid out at the beach by 9am. We proceed to spend the whole day out there with a small break for lunch. At lunch we encounter 4 more centipedes on this one table. We come to the conclusion that we must have stirred up a nest or something because they do not normally come out like this. So after cutting up a few more we head back to the beach for the rest of the afternoon. As I sit in my beach chair watching the kids I was thinking about how proud I was of Camryn. She is finally getting in the water all by herself and even boogie boarding with the big kids. No longer had I finished
that thought then I hear and ear retching scream coming from her direction.
She had been stung several times by a jelly fish. Actually they are called
Portuguese man-o-wars. I grabbed her out of the water and brought her to the
life guard shack where they sprayed some rubbing alcohol on it which
apparently takes out the sting. They said it would continue to sting and burn
for 30 minutes to a couple hours and may leave a welt but should not be
painful after that. I have to say she handled it like a champ, and only cried
for about 5 minutes. She even returned to the water for some more surf. I was
so glad that she did not become afraid of the water. After spending 7 hours at
the beach we got cleaned up and returned to camp for dinner. After dinner it
was time for smore smores! Then we sat around the camp fire playing camp fire
games. Corben got sleepy so I put him down and the other kids stayed up for a
few awhile longer because they were having so much fun. Let me rephrase that.
They were having so much fun until one of the kids got stung by a centipede.
That was followed by a call to the poison control to see what we should be
looking out for. So we rounded up the kids and had them sit around the fire
pit so they were not running around in the grass. As we were all sitting around the fire we felt like we were under attack. We were spotting centipedes left and right. I felt like I was in the movie tremors and they were out to get us. I decided I had better go check our tent that Corben was sound asleep in. Equipped with my lantern and hatchet I went up to my tent to find my biggest nightmare come true. There crawling around in my tent 2 feet from my sweet baby was an 8 inch centipede. After a few screams for assistance we killed yet another centipede, grabbed Corben , loaded myself and the kids in the car and drove home for a good night sleep in our own bed. There was no way I was stepping foot back in that tent. At this point it was midnight, and about 1:30 am before we got home, got the kids cleaned up and went to bed. We got up the next morning and went back to camp. For some reason I was allot braver in the daylight. We spent the next day at the beach again, where 7 more people proceeded to get stung by jelly fish. Oh and a little update. Camryn who had gotten stung the day before had developed a huge red itchy rash all over her arm and leg where she had been stung. We figured that she must have had an allergic reaction to the sting because no one else welted up like that. She was scratching it so much that she we peeling her skin. We pumped her up with benadryl which seemed to help a little. The second night we ran into some friends who had cabins there so we all divided up and crashed at their home for the night so would not have to return to the centipede infested camp ground. We took down camp the next morning, killing three more centipedes under our tent and left that retched camp site for good. No good camping weekend can end without a trip to the ER. Camryn's arm and leg were getting worse and worse, so we took her in to get it looked at. It turns out that it was not an allergic reaction, but just a very bad sting. They gave her an antihistamine which is helping immensely and she looks much better. All in all it was a good weekend, minus the centipedes and the jelly fish. We got home unloaded our gear and proceeded to the base beach for some activities, music, and an amazing firework display. After an exhausting long weekend we put the kids to bed and snuggled on the couch to watch a movie. About half way through we got distracted by something inching it's way across our living room floor. You guessed it, yet another centipede. I felt like I was in a bad horror movie where the bad guy learks across the screen because he was not really dead and there is going to be a part two.