Friday, September 15, 2006

Who knew?

Apparently time flies when you aren't blogging. It has been brought to my attention by more then one person that it has been over a month since my last blog. I wish I could say that my life has just been so full of parties and red carpet affairs that I have had no time to blog but the truth is we have all been sick, and when I or one of my kids have not been sick I have been just down right LAZY! Napping seems to be my new past time of choice. Sometimes I napped twice a day. Once after I drop Corben off at school I lay down during Londyn's morning nap, and then once all the kids are home from school I use the excuse that Corben needs me to lay down with him in order to fall asleep. However I usually fall asleep before he does. I don't know why I have been so tired lately. I would swear I was pregnant but I have already tested negative for that and I am also on th pill so that just seems highly unlikely. So I guess I am just lazy plain and simple. So now that I have went through my list of excuses I will go on with my monthly, or sometimes more then monthly blog.

So as I have said we have all been sick lately. In fact since I got home from Canada in July someone in our house has been sick for 2 months strait. Running a fever just seems normal at this point. I had a severe head cold, and the worst sinus headache I have ever experienced. I took Londyn to the DR yesterday because she had some guck coming out her eyes. Well turns out she has pink eye in both eyes, a double ear infection, and a head cold. Poor thing looks like she has been through the ringer. However you would never know it because she still just smiles, laughs and acts as content as usual. She cracks me up. She will wake up in the morning with her eyes crusted shut and a big smile on her face! I really wish she would have a bad spell so I would stop thinking about having baby number five. She is just so darn cute she makes me want to procreate!!

I through an awesome pampered chef party on Monday. I had great sales and ended up with a ton of new stuff and allot of it was free!!! Mind you I still spent close to $200. Funny how those kinds of things just happen to me??? Anyway I turned it into a kind of wine and apps party and made a bunch of extra goodies. We had vegetable pinwheels, asparagus wrapped in phylo dough with a red pepper dipping sauce that was to dye for, hot artichoke sip with sourdough bread, all kinds of fresh fruit with a chocolate fruit dip, German chocolate cake, a pecan chocolate lattice pie, cheese and cracker, and of course red and white wine. It was a fun night, and was good to get some girl time in.

Only a couple more weeks until we go to Texas. I have been saving up for my Target, and Canton flea market shopping spree!! I am salivating just thinking about it. It will also be great seeing everyone again. Ben's brother has gotten engaged and I get to meet his fiance for the first time. From what I have heard and seen of her I think we are going to get along great! I am also looking forward to meeting up with fellow blogger Allison, because I know that is a good time waiting to happen. We are also going to swing out to Wichita Falls, where we lived before moving to Hawaii and get to visit all our friends there. Not to mention it is going to be awesome actually getting to spend time with my husband every day! Throw in some grandparents to provide free babysitting and let the date nights commence!!

Ben and I have started a new thing this week, kind of by accident but when ever we talk to each other it is sweetie, and smoopy woopy, and have just been genuinely excited to hear and see each other. At first we were just pretending and being silly but now we actually like it and it has started a new little fire in our relationship. We will probably make everyone around us want to vomit but I have to say we have not had any silly fights or anything all week. It is hard to get mad at someone when they are calling you love bug and baby. I don't know what I just did to the computer but it is now writing funny. Maybe it is all that love in the air.

my next subject is about menstration so all you guys might want to skip to the next paragraph, or at least pretend you are not dying to read about it and keep on keeping on. So anyway I started taking the pill for the first time since we have een married. Well I started this kind because you only get your period every 3 months. Basically you never take the sugar pills until you get to your 3rd month. Well it has been great not having a monthly unwanted visitor. However I got to the end of the third month and stopped taking the pills for a week, fully expecting the flood gates to open and have three month worth of menstruation come pouring through. However the total opposite happened and I had one light day of bleeding and then stopped. Hmm dose not seem like this can be healthy but I could get used to this. I used to have 7 days strait of non stop flooding so this is like a dream to me. Healthy or not I am game!

On to bigger and better things I have to give a shout out for Gains joyful Expressions laundry detergent in apple mango. It has got to be the best smelling stuff ever. In fact I love folding laundry just so I can smell it. The "joy" it has brought me I just cannot "express" in words!

I have a hair appointment Thursday and cannot wait to get my three inches of roots attended to. I think I am going to get darker brown and red lowlights this time. A good look for fall. Speaking of fashion I am absolutely disgusted with it right now. I refuse, absolutely refuse to go back to the 80's. My ass will not go into a pair of leggings with long sweater again so long as I am alive, and if you think I will stick even one toe in those skinny jeans you have another thing coming. I mean seriously, the 80's were not a pretty sight the first time around what is making people think it will be at all cute now. NOT GONNA DO IT! I can not see this phase lasting long and I cannot wait to move on to bigger and better pants!

Corben has started preschool last week. I cannot believe I only have one baby home with me during the day now. How can they be growing up so fast when I have not aged a bit? His teachers are awesome, and he is in a class of all boys with one girl. Although I feel sorry for the only girl and the teacher I am so happy for Corben. Growing up in a house with three sisters he really needed some boy interaction. He needs to learn that pink nail polish really isn't his color, and that Cinderella dresses are not cool. I mean it is not Corben's fault that his sisters use him as their little doll. Anyway now that he is hanging out with all these boys he is turning into one. He has been more rambunctious then usual and getting into allot more stuff. I guess that is better then playing barbies though right. No he really does like trucks and all those boy thing to, he just has allot of female influence around here, poor thing. Anyway It has been great having everyone in school and getting some one on on floor time with Londyn. This is one of my favorite stages. She is crawling and starting to pull herself up on things. She waves bye bye, and is always giggling. She eats what we eat now which is so much easier and she has been eyeing up the stairs so I am sure that is coming next.

Well the phone is ringing off the hook, and my friend is about to show up so I should be off. TGIF is all I have to say. I don't think I could stand one more morning waking up to that alarm clock. Before I even go to bed at night I dread that horrid sound in the morning. It physically hurts me to wake up so early. Sleeping in tomorrow!!!