Thursday, February 22, 2007

So much to Blog so little time

I don't know what it is these days but I cannot for the life of me find time to blog. I ave been horrible. When I do finally get a few minutes I have technical difficulties and give up. So much going on! I guess I should start with the most recent. Yesturday Ben and I returned from a 4 day trip to Nappa Valley! My parents are visiting so they watched the kids while we had a wondeful get away! It was the best! The first day we flew into San Fransisco and spent the evening wondering around Fisherman's Warf. We ate dinner at The Crab House on Pier 39. It was delicious but after eating $50 worth of crab I was still hungry. This worked out ok because about an hour later we past by an In and Out Burger, which we have heard so much about. We were excited to try our first one, enter dinner number two. I thought it was good but I now know why they call it an In and Out burger. It went in one end, and not 30 minutes later came out the other! I was frantically running around with pinched butt cheeks looking for the nearest restroom. I pitty the person waiting in line behind me. Ok on to better things. At 10 we drove out to Nappa and checked into our hotal. AMAZING! We had a spa tub in our room, and a seperate tavertine shower with5 heads coming out of the wall. A fire place in the living room, and a bed made for the princess that I am! A complimentry bottle of wine waiting for us to drink. We started a fire had a great bubble bath, put on our matching his and her robes and drank wine by the fire. Romance was in the air.

The next day we woke up and got ready to hit the wineries. We mapped out the ones we wanted to visit and hit our first one at 10am, right when they open. The girl at our first winery was very helpful and she circled all the ones we should hit and gave us a great one to tour that was one of the oldest in Napa Valley and had lots of history. So we left the first winery with a map and a buzz, because we had not eaten anything yet. We decided food was a must if we were going to make our heads stop spinning so we headed out to a winery that she recomended that also served lunch. We got some wonderful sandwiches and corrt cake and had a picnic uout on the grounds of the winery. BEAUTIFUL! We ate until our heart and stomaches were content and then headed in for some more wine tasting. We picked up a bottle from every winery we tasted at. We worked out way back down the road to the Rubacan winery where we had a tour schedualled for 2:30pm. We were a little early so we did yet another tasting while we waited. The tour was amazing! It was so neat to hear all the history behind this 200 year old building. It is now owned by Francis Ford Copila. I know you will appreciate this Jeff, being a huge Godfather fan. He actually resides in the manson behind the winery to this day. I would have to say this was our favorite winery to visit and you can tell because we purchased not 1 but 3 bottle of wine here, one of them being a $70 bottle, which is more then I have ever spent on wine. Here are some pictures of out day.

From here went on to pour couples spas treatments. We scedualled a 1/2 hour mud bath, with a 1/2 hour mineral bath, and then a 1 hour choclate massage. It was a little slice of Heaven hear on earth. We were so relaxed afterwards. It was the prefect way to spend a day.

We then went out for a nice dinner, and topped off the most wonderful day with a trip to Target. I litterally closed the place down. No really they actually shut the lights off in the change rooms and I was the last person to leave the store. I won't tell you the amount of damage I did in that place but I am sure you cann easily imagine. I mean this is me we are talking about.

The next day we got up early and drove out to Lake Tahoe for some skiing. We decided to ski Sierra and it was great. The runs were not that challanging which was a little slow for me but perfect for Ben. It was so neet to see snow again, however the cold I could do without. I have to admit it was the warmest place I have ever skied (growing up in Canada) but coming from Hawaii it was way to cold. We skied until the runs shut down then headed back to NAppa with a stop for dinner and another stop at Target. At home we enjoyed some more wine by the fire accompanied by some cheese and crakers, and french bread with olive oil dip we had purchased at the winery. We watched a movie and I fell asleep on the couch.

Our Ride....

The next day we spent a little more time in San Fran, and then headed home. We were so excited to see the kids! Well I have sooooo much more to blog about but have to go for now. I have one day to unpack and repack because we are all going to go to The Big Island for a week and we leave tomorrow. Gosh all this vacationing is hard work. Will catch everyone up soon. Major things happening on the military/career front, need to post pics of Camryn's 6th birthday. Oh my gosh she is 6!!! Londyn is almost going to walk! She is standing on her own. much much more. Will be back soon I hope!