Thursday, January 25, 2007

Poor Ben

Poor Ben just can not, does not, do it for me. I mean I can't say he dosen't try, he tries real hard, he tries his best but he just can't pull it off, if ya know what I mean. It is not that he has no practice because I have given him plenty of oppertunity. He just seems to give up too easily. No matter what angle he tries he just can't get it down. He has the right strokes, tries to take it slow at first and the quicken the pace. I think he might just need to work on his technique a little. I must also put out there that size is not a problem. It is big, I would even venture to say on the huge side. Let me tell you ladies it is one piece of work. He has tried with the lights on and off, and even using a flashlight, but that did not do the trick. He tried extra lubricant, but that just left stains. I don't know what I am going to do with him. Does anyone have any suggestions? He tries hard, he practices, he's got the strokes down, it's not the "machine", lights on or off, dry or extra lube the poor guy just can't vacuum!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

New Years and stuff!

Who does a girl have to sleep with to get two minutes to herself to post??? So we had a good and noisy New Years. Ben of course had to work because everyone at the resturaunt has to work on New Years, so my friend and her daughter just came over to hang out. Her husband works at the same place so it works out good. We went to Outback Steakhouse for dinner with one other couple and soon became the birth control table with our 5 kids. They were reasonablly good but we were just so out numbered! After I shoved in enough food for one whole football team we went to my house, put a movie in for the kids up stairs and watched Love Actually (one of my favs) while drinking martinies (she had chocolate I had pommogrant). Sounds like a nice quite evening but little did you know it was a war zone outside. Apparently firecrackers are very big and legal in Hawaii. So I kid you not for 6 hours straight the house was shaking and booming. If you looked outside there was a layer of smoke so thick you could not see the street lights. At midnight we decided to go in the back yard and enjoy the free show. As far as you could see in every direction fire works were going off. I can't believe people waiste money like that. I mean why pay to have fireworks when you can watch all your neighbors for free! So anyway we stayed outside and had a couple glasses of champain with our neighbors and got to bed somewhere around 4am (that was dumb!)
The next day Ben cooked us a big breakfast that we ate outside accompanied with mimosas (yumm) We took the kids to a matine and then to one of our favorite resturants (Bucca de Beppo) It was a great family hang out day!
So after 8 years of marriage my husband still does not get it. Is he that dumb or does he just play dumb? You see my husband comes home for lunch the other day and says "hey I found a good deal on a motor cycle" I say "No way no how!" just like I have been saying for 8 years! So he calls me from work later that day and says "I have a meeting with the motor cycle guy!" I laugh in his face! No I be the sweet curtious wife and say that he buys it I will withhold sex for three months! He says I wouldn't, I say try me! anyway he goes on to tell me how much money this would save us in gas and parking and working it for every angle possible. I finally give him a "do what ever you want" Then we got disconnected and none of my phones were charged or working. So this was basically the last thing I said. So ladies, no never mine not even hey ladies, hey men too. what does a girl mean when she says do what ever you want???? She means I will let you make the decision but you better make the decision that I want you to make! So apparently my husband just does not get it b/c we have a motor cycle in our drive way! So looks like I will be going straight to bed every night with no hassel, not needing to think up excuses in my head why I have a headache tonight! I hope Ben's new ride is worth it....insert evil laugh!!!!
Speaking of evil, our dog has a few paws out the door if he does ot get potty trained soon! First of all let me just say that I bought a pomeranian palpion mix which it definatly could not be b/c those are both long haired dogs and my dog has SHORT HAIR! I am so mad! She is still cute but I always wanted a cute little fluffy prissy dog, and I have Saddie the short haired tom boy! So yesturday we ordered some dog training videos that swear to have my dog potty trained in 6 days! We will see if they work but they sound pretty good in theory. They call it clicker training. I won't go into details but I will keep you posted on the results!
Poor baby Londyn has had a chest cold for three weeks now. I took her back to the dr yesturday because when she breaths her chest sounds like a bear in hibernation. The dr said she sounded allot better, we could stop the breathing treatments and just gave her a decongestent to dry up all the flem. I gave her a haircut last night b/c she was growing a rat tail in the back. I looks much better. I think she may have gotten even cuter which I did not think was possible! She of course is still not walking. We are nearing 14 months now. She will climb up and down the stairs in .5 seconds, and loves to teater back and forth on the back of the couch, totally freaking me out!
The kids are going stir crazy on their way too long Christmas break. We still another 2 weeks to go. I am pretty sure I might be grey by the end of the week. At the end of the day I am so tired of talking and my head is pounding. Could be b/c all day I have to say everything 5 times, each time getting a little bit loauder, to get anyone to listen to me. I feel a calgone moment comming on.
So of course with New years my diet has started AGAIN! I said screw all that healthy eating and excercise crap and decided to go starvation route. Lost 5 pounds so far! Yeah me! Yes yes Oh I know stop the press, not healthy blah blah blah! Let see how good I'll look in my old size 6 wardrobe! Just 15 pounds more to go! I think I will have better chances of getting my dog potty trained but hey you never know.
Work has been busy lately and I am thinking of expanding and hiring another photographer. We still have to figure out legistics but a friend and I are are thinking about going togeather and advertising more and doing this photography stuff full time. Start hitting wedding expos and what not. We will see where it all leads but right now I am too busy for one person and she really wants to quite her job and be at home with her daughter more.
Well kids are starting to wander out of their rooms and saying mama! Lord give me patients today!