Saturday, April 21, 2007

Practically famous

I have spent the last two days on two different sets taping Lost and a movie called Forgetting Sarah Marshal, and I have got to say I could get very used to this lfe. I have never made such easy money. Of course I can't act to save my life but this extra stuff is a peice of cake. Basically you do allot of sitting around waiting for them to set stuff up, do 10 minutes of shooting and then sit around some more. Oh and the food! A buffet table of every snack you can imagine. Of course I have absolutly no shame and stuff my purse full of everything I can before I go home. Just so you know I have a BIG purse! My kids will have great lunches this week.

Lost was a pool scene set in the 80's in England. I was thinking "get paid to lay by the pool all day and work on my tan." Not so!
Apparently the director had an "in" with "The Big Guy" because it was a cold and rainy day and it felt way more like England then Hawaii. Also after cleaning up my childrens throw up for two days the inevitable happened and fever started setting in half way through the day making it feel even wetter and colder outside. Luckily becuase there wer kids in the scene it was not a really long day, and I was able to come home and crawl into bed. That is where I stayed for the rest of the day and night.

I woke up the next morning feeling great and had a call time of 1pm. This scene was an upscale wedding in Hawaii. I of course had to go shopping for a new dress, because I just did not have anything suitable in my whole closet. I headed staright for , you guessed it, Banana and got the cutest little dress ever. I mean so cute that I was afraid I looked too cute and would outdo the bride cute. And when i say little dress I mean little as in size 4. insert cloud 9! Size 4! Can you even believe it?? i am still pinching myself. So I got to the set filled out all the paperwork, went through wardrobe hair and makeup and met a whole bunch of fun girls. The shotting only took three hours and we got paid for 8. I think I got a really good shot because I was standing right behind the lead actor (jason Segel from how I met your mother) in the reception line. So this is my claim to fame. My two second in the spot light. Once we wrapped I stuffed my purse full of more goodies and went to the pool bar with a few of the extras. The Mai ties were tasting pretty good! Unfortunatly there was not a limo ride home in my contract so I could only have a couple. Then we all went out for diner on the North Shore, an had my favorite spinach quesaldias. Fun day!

Well the kids are all jumping on my bed begging to go to Hawaiian waters. So I guess we are off to the waterslides today! Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


You want to stay far far away from my house this week. I am up to my elbows in vomit. Yes it has been quite the week so far. Two of my kids are battling for the toilet today in all their sad pathetic cuteness. Every time Corben throws up he says "mommy don't ever do this to me again!" "I didn't do it" I say, and he says "yes you did you put my plate by Camryn's plate" Yesturday was of course the day that Ben had an emergency at work and did not get home until one in the morning. Addison had girl scouts which I could not skip because I had to fill out her permission slip for her camping trip TODAY. So I get all the kids loaded run back in the house to grab something and Camryn vomits all over my new van. Now being the high maintinence little princess that I am you must know that me and vomit just do not mix well. Thank goodness for leather interior is all I can say! Of course all this happens right when I am supposed to work on Lost tomorrow and that movie on Friday. I had babysitting all arranged for both days, but of course now I cannot drop off my sick kids. I am hoping Ben will be able to take off. One thing about having four kids is that when one gets sick you can count on spending the next week or two couped up in the house by the time it runs through all of them. Sometimes more then once. So I have been taking airborn and praying to God that I do not get sick. The only plus would be it may be good for a few pounds. Sick that I actually think this way but what ever works.

Other than that things have been same'ol same'ol around here. I am up to 7 pounds lost so far, and I think this time it will stay off since I lost it properly, and not by one of my crazy fad diets. Well I have sick kids moaning my name so more later!

Saturday, April 14, 2007


Good Saturday morning blog world! Why am I so cheery at 7:24am? Probably because my house is so clean. Boy do I love a clean house! We have it on the market, and today we have our first viewing. We stayed up until midnight last night making it perfect. I mean perfect! Scrubbed baseboards, touched up paint on the walls, shampooed the carpets, rehung stuff on the walls that needed a more secure hook, toilets tubs, reorganised the garage. This place is spic and span and I feel great! So here is to a good showing and a buyer coming along soon so we can move on to bigger and better things. Not that I don't LOVE my house, but it is just a little bit too small for out large family.

Since we are staying in Hawaii I have decided to embrace it like I did when we first moved here. Our first year here we went to the beach every chance we could. We acted like tourists on the weekends and w went exploring. It was great. But then real life caught up with tus and there would be times we would go months without seeing a beach. Well This week I have been meeting friends at my favorite beach to go jogging on their walk paths and then taking a refreshing swim in the ocean with the kids (but only two because the girls are in school) and then coming home to start my day. I feels so great, and I don't know why I have not made this a ritual earlier. I also bought a bike with a baby carrier so we can go on family bike rides. I just want to get out and do stuff more, so that is my goal!

Weight watchers is going great! I have lost 5 pounds so far and am loving it. I did totally mess up last night though. I ate great all day and had 11 points left for dinner. Which is allot. Well we decided to have steak for dinner so I ate it without checking out my points first thinking how much could steak possibly be. No sides just 8oz steak. Um that would be a whopping 23 points!!!! 23 is my points for the whole day! So I guess I will not be eating allot of steak. I could eat a Big Mac for less points. Holy Cow! NO pun intended. Luckily you get 35 points additional per week to play with. I am trying not to use them at all but obviously I botched that plan over dinner last night. Oh well start from scratch today.

Londyn is getting better and faster with her walking. This is so sad to admit but I have not even videotaped her yet. Can you tell she is my forth child? How sad is it. I am going to do it today! I almost did it the other day but my battery was dead. It is a good thing all my kids look alike, because I can just show her the video of Corben and tell her it was her when she grows up! She'll never know!

Oh and guess what! next Friday I get to spend the day taping for a movie they are shooting in Hawaii. I am going to be an extra and will be a brides made in a wedding scene. The movie is called Forgetting Sarah Marshal, and it is from the producer of the 40 year old virgin. It is being filmed at one of my favorite hotels on the island so it should be supper fun!

Well today is another jammed packed day. We have kite day with the kids at church, then go directly to a birthday party at the pool, and women's bible study at my house today. SO I better get trucking. Did I really just say that? Trucking??

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


As promised Easter picturs are in. The first is a group shot of the kiddoes, and yes that is as close as I got to getting them all to look at the camera at the same time.

So finally Easter pictures are up! better late then never right?

On other news I feel like I am always copying Kelly but I have now joined weight watchers. I feel like such an old lady. I always remember my mother and her friends doing weight watchers. Oh well I guess I kind of am. But hopefully soon I will be a skinny old bag! I am really loving it actually. I am going on day three and I think it is so fun adding up all my meals to see how many points I have used up. I joined the online program so I do not have to go to meeting or weigh ins or anything I just punch in what I eat every day and it calcultes all th points for me and charts everything from my meals to progress, to physical activity. Makes me feel so organised having it all written down for me, even though I havent done a thing. So I think this is one fad diet that I can actually keep as a life style then just something to do for a week. I swear I have lost the same 10 pounds 6 times since Londyn was born, and it is time to say bye bye for good. I am really motivated now finally. I am even heading back to the gym tomorrow for the first time in 5 months. How sad is that. I am sure you are all sick of hearing about my diets and promises to loose weight but hey this is my blog and I can cry if I want to.

Today I went to the pool whith the kids (2 of them) while the girls were at school. Well apparently I forgot to put sunscreen on my chest because I look like an albino tourist who just spent 8 hours on the equator. So I am going out on a limb and saying red is the new black.

So is anyone out there watching the batchalor. he is from Hawaii and my friends husband and him work togeather. Apparently he is back at work now but we haven't been able to get any inside scoop. However I have a master plan to meet him and the new misses when the show is over. I will feel like they are my best friends already since I have been watching their every move for months. They will probably want me to be the God mother to their first child. I can see it in the papers already!

Well those pictures took 4-eva to download and I even skipped the last three. I have not figured out how to shrink pictures on my mac so it takes forever to download. Now I am just frustrated and tired and going to bed! Peace out!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I see more palm trees in my future

Once again never a dull moment in Turnerville. A week ago I was spending hours online looking up houses in Texas and this week we have made an official decision to stay in paradise for 5 more years. Ben was offered a really great job here and between the pay, and the amazing schedule it is just too good to pass up. They are going to keep the position pen until he gets out in September, and he will work 8 10 hour days in a row from 6am to 4pm, and then he gets 6 days off in a row. Yes 6 days! That was not a typo. I know you are used to typos on my blog but this folks is real. I cannot wait! IT will be awesome! We can go to the gym together, and go to the beach together, and he will be able to go on the kids field trips, and well that is just an awesome schedule. Also we are going to sell our house and buy a bigger one in the same development. We really need a four bedroom, so Londyn does not have to live in our bedroom forever, plus we will gain another 400 sq feet. This will feel like 1000 to us after moving from our small house. I hope everything happens as planned and all the timing works out with the sale of the house and the purchase of another. So it looks like I will not be turning in my flip flops for some new boots any time soon. I was getting excited about a new adventure for our family but I am perfectly happy sticking around here for a few more years. Another point that is making this all easier to take in is that they have announced that they are building a Target 10 minutes from my house. TARGET! YIPPIE! That was the only thing this island was missing. Now we will have one and I will be there all the time. In fact you might want to send my mail there because I will spend more time there then at home I am sure. Ben is so excited (insert sarcasm) They are also building a new huge mall, and a campus on this side. They say it will be the "new" downtown making the location of our house the new "IT" place to be. So by the time we leave here the housing market will be peeking again and we will gain some serious equity on the house.

So on other news spring break sucked and went not at all how I had planned. I pictured myself on the beach everyday, getting a great tan, maybe loose a few pounds doing a new fad diet, turning me n to Claudia Shiffer's look alike clone, and getting in quality time with my girlfriends. Well instead week one I got my period, which keeps me well away from even so much of a thought to getting into a bathing suit. I finally get rid of that when up sprouts the biggest, most hugest, most gigantic zit on my cheek. Like the kind I had to hold an ice pack to because my whole cheek was swollen. Like the kind where you lock yourself away on a room as to not scare people. Like the kind where you pick at it every day all day long until you form a giant scab over half your face. So for 5 more days I stayed inside and out of sight . My friends all thought I fell off the face of the earth and my kids were going stir crazy in the house. It finally cleared up on the last 2 days of spring break and I felt like a prisoner with a lifetime sentence who just got proven Innocent and released from jail. I spent all day every day at the beach until the kids had to go back to school. Hopefully next years spring break will be better. I will say that it has been a joy having the kids back in school this week. It is so peaceful here during the day and I can actually get some house cleaning done. Well until they get out of school and destroy it again.

Londyn is finally walking pretty regularly. She had a couple near death situations over spring break, but no thanks at all to my poor mothering skills she has survived. The one day we actually made it to the pool in between period and sprouting of zit, she fell into the pool and no one saw her. I had just put her down and urned around to hang my cover up on the back of my chair and Addison screams "Londyn is in the pool" I turn around and Londyn is floating 4 feet out from the side of the pool and about 1 foot under water. I am telling you her life literally flashed before my eyes. I can't get the image out of my head. It took me 2 seconds flat to jump in the water and pull her out, but in those 2 seconds I bet 20 different thoughts went through my head. One of them was trying to recall how to do CPR on a baby. Apparently she was a fish in a past life (not that I believe in that) but when I pulled her out she did not cry, she did not choke, in fact her reaction was about the same as I get when I wash the shampoo out of her hair. She acted as if it was no big deal and was heading right back to the water all day. I am glad she is not scared of the water but boy did she freak me out. She of course could do no wrong for the next few days and I was happy to clean up the 500 q-tips she dumped, and the dog food she poured in the water bowl, and the toilet paper she unravelled, and the water she poured all over the floor from our water dispenser, and the markers she colored the wall with. I did it happily just knowing she might not have been so fortunate that day at the pool. All the what if's have been streaming through my head ever since. It is a good thing God is watching out for her during those moments when i am not. I have to say that in a way I am glad it happened because I can be a little to relaxed with the kids and it was a good wake up call to remind me just how quick they can be. Anyway just when we were getting over that ordeal we went to the pool again and she fell and banged her mouth on my pool chair sending her top tooth through her bottom lip. After many tears and much blood later she survived with two huge swollen lips. This girl is going to start having a complex about the pool. What a little trooper though!

Winston is still a welcome little ball of fur in our home. That is truly amazing since most dogs have one paw out the door by the this time. We finally got that perfect dog for us and I am so thankful for that. The rent-a-dog days are over for the Turner's!

Well I think that is it for now. Can't think of anything else really exciting going on. That is probably a good thing because we could stand to be not exciting for awhile. I would welcome not exciting right now. Hope everyone is enjoying their week and has a great Easter weekend! Pictures of my adorable kids, in their adorable Easter outfits to come soon!

Prayer request

We all know the power of prayer, and my cousin could use some powerful prayers right now. Her husband has suffered from diabetes most of his life, and one of the side effects to this disease is blindness. He has had successful surgery on his right eye and they have just operated on the left and were not as successful. He still cannot see out of it and he has to keep his head in the down position 24 hours a day for at least the next week. They have three young children and they are all scared for their daddy. This is an amazing family who have been through allot together and their faith through it all is a true inspiration to me. They are so full of love that it pours out on everyone around them and it makes me so sad that they have to go through this. So I am asking everyone out there in blogville to take a couple minutes out of your day today to Pray for my cousin Tannis and her husband Mike and the children. That he heels quickly, that the surgery will be successful, that the success in his right eye will stick, and that Mike will go on to see many more hokey games and dance performances in the future. For Tannis to keep her sanity in tact while trying to take on all the responsibilities in taking care of her family. Thank you for taking time out of your day to pray for this amazing family. I will keep you posted on the great things God does for them!