Thursday, June 21, 2007

OK I am going to blog already

Geeesh where does the time go? Didn't I just post a blog yesturday? SO much is going on, I am having trouble fitting my 42 hour day into 24 hours.
We are counting down the days to be out and free from the Air Force. September 1st is the official date. Ben has already started training at his new job and really enjoys it so that it great! We had the house on the market but the market is S_L_O_W right now so we took it off the market and decided to stay put for awhile. In the mean time we have been doing some upgrades to our present house. We had already put hard wood floors in the bottom leverl and next week we have a guy coming to do the stairs and upstairs landing. We have changed out the lighting and hardwood in the bathrooms, and hallway, and will eventually start on the kitchen, but probably not until next year.
The kids are out of school and have taken up a new past time of driving me CRAZY! The house is never clean anymore and that in of itself can make me go madd! Today we are going to try and ignore the mess (AGAIN) and go to the pool! Denial is bliss!
We are in the process of booking our tickets to Canada in September. My youngest brother is getting married and my kids are in the wedding party. It has been 4 years since the whole family has been home so I am getting real excited! My dad was so awesom and offered to buy all of our tickets. Thank goodness! I cannot wait to see everyone.
My new addiction, other then shopping and jewlery has been been facebook. It is like myspace, only more of my friends from Canada are on it and it has been so fun! I have cought up with all these people I used to go to middle school with and havn't seen in 15+ years! That has probably donated to my lack of blogging lately!
OK I have to HAVE TO stop shopping. This happens to me every summer. You see because in Hawaii we have summer year round, however all the stores still carry the regular winter line that everyone else gets. Well we have no use for it and literally can't shop until spring when the new summer stuff starts coming out. So when summer hits I have to go crazy and stock up for the whole next year in three months. It seems excessive but if you divide it by all the months in the year it would look better. Not that I don't find something to shop for during the winter....I usually buy stuff for the house and jewlery, a girl can never have enough. Anyway I know it is out of control, but I keep telling myself that I only have a limited time left to even be able to buy summer clothes so I should get while the getting is good.
Speaking of shopping my birthday is coming up July 14th and you will all be getting an email and a detailed list of what I want and where I have registered for it. Feel free to get more then one thing on the list! Ok I am kidding but really you can buy me stuff if you want to!
Londyn is getting so big and it is making me sad. I knlow I don't want to have another baby because well my house is crazy enough as it is, but I can't imagine not having a little one around the house. Although I must say it will be nice when we are out of that stage and everything is just a little more easy. Her new thing is to take her diaper off ALL THE TIME! Everytime I go to get her up from her nap she is naked and usually sitting in the middle of a puddle of pee. I know gross, at least you just have to read about it and not clean it up several times a day. This girl is like hudinini(sp) I have put onsies, and pants and diaper covers and she gets everything off. I have done everything short of wrap her in duck tape, which I actually had to resort to with Camryn. I hope she grows out of this phase soon b/c I am getting really tired of washing her sheets twice a day.
Winston is still a welcome part of our family. Can you bleive it? I don't think a dog has ever been wanted for this long! We have a winner folks! Although we do need to get him fixed in July because he has taken a liking to poor Londyn if you know what I mean! Poor girl can't get around the house without the dog trying to attach himself to her. It is a total trip to watch, but Londyn does not need to loose her virginity to our dog. Gross did I really just put that down in black and white? Lets whipe that image from our heads and not go there. Sorry i just woke up!
So lets move onto a differnet subject...BOOBS.......or lack there of. I Alyssa Turner who is deathly afraid of needles, knives, and anything else that is not suposed to prod or puncture my body is going for a consultation on Tuesday to get new boobies. After 4 kids they are just not all they can be and well I am vain and that is not ok with me. I don't want big double D tits so I can make money dancing on a pole, I just want them to stand up again. They are not bad yet but they will only get worse and I plan to get while the getting is good. I think of it more as reconstructive surgery the plastic surgery........ right?!
So I hope to get them done in July. I am kind of freaking out about it but hopefully the dr can ease all my worries at the consultaion. The good thing is I get to lay in bed for a week staright and sleep and be welled drugged. For a mother of four that is like a dream vacation!
Addison has started golf lessons and it is so cute! She may really suck at putting but she is the best dressed little golfer out there. She even has the cutest little pink clubs! She is really enjoying it which will make grandpa very happy.
Addison just turned 8 and we had an American Girl slumber party! With 8 little girls sleeping over it actualy went allot smoother then I thought it would. There was very little annoying girl drama, and everyone had fun. I won't be having another sleep over party any time soon, but this one was ok. I was just informed by Allison that they are building an American Girl restraunt and store in Dallas so I am so excited and we will defintly be heading there the next time we are in Texas visiting! I am a little scared though. I will go crazy and buy every little cute doll accessory they have. I have thrown down some cash at build-a-bear a time or two! I must have been standing in the wrong lineup when God was handing out self control!
Also Addison was in the talent show at the end of the school year. She did her monalgoue from acting class, and she stole the show! It was awesom! I was a proud parent! I could never get on stage in front of a bunch of people. especially by myself. I was once asked to read a poem for remembrance day and I broke out in hives and then a sweat, and then my voice cracked and I was choking down tears...rediculous! I am a drama queen but not on stage!
I am jumping all over the place in this blog but here is a funny storey. So addisona and Camryn have a TV in their room, and in the evenings they will usually watch TV before they go to bed. They would always watch Disney Channel, and then recently became obcessed with animal planet. That is cool with me because they were learning allot about animals and dreaming of becoming a vet yada yada. So the other day Addison overheard me talking on the phone about my new boobs, that girl hears everything, and she says "are yo having plastic surgery? I saw that one TV" and goes on to explain the entire procedure to me. I asked her what she was watching and she says "oh discovery health is my new favorite channel." Discovery health? "Oh yeah I learn allot of stuff for example I think I can get this scar on my forehead removed with lazer surgery" So I sit the girls down and tell them I do not want them watching this channel anymore. (I can't even watch this stuff on TV without crawling out of my skin) So Addison says "why because you do not want us to see people dying and stuff?" I say "YES!" when Camryn pipes up and say "Well what about Dr G they are already dead, they are just trying to figure out how they died, that one is my favorite" Choke, Cough, choke, blink eyes in disbeleif, my 6 year old daughter's favorite show is watching optopsies? So the channel blocker is going to come in handy at my house!
Well I must go get ready for my day at the pool! At least if I get skin cancer my girls will probably know how to remove it!