Friday, September 30, 2005

7 Month belly pic!

hello remember me?

I know you guys have been sitting at the edge of your seats waiting for a new post, so since I have a minute (and I mean it, only a minute) I decided I would grace you with my presence! No no come back...I was just kidding. So where do i startw e have been so so busy lately. I have been one huge giant ball of frustrations from sun up to sun down for the past 2 weeks and Ben is waiting, and dodging the day that I am just going to snap. The slightest little thing has been setting me off into a rage. The thing is I got a head start on packing thinking it would make things easier, but instead we are tripping over boxes in every room, and the house is a wreck. When the house is a wreck, I am a wreck, hence the rage! I cannot wait to get into our new clean and organised house, so I can get back to my normal everyday perfect americain wife and mother stuff.
I am almost done purchasing all the perfect accessories for the new house and cannot wait to see it all put togeather and finished. I have been tivo'ing Trading Spaces and watching 3 episodes a day looking for any neet ideas. I have picked out all the paint colors, and the hard wood floors, amd all I have left to do is get two desks for the office area. I am thinking about checking out the nude furniture store for some gorgous men...I mean desks.
School is still going well. I know I keep saying that but I am still surprised. We are day 32 and we have not stragled each other yet. There has bairly even been any tears shed yet. So I would say it is a successs!
Only 10 more weeks to go till my due date! I have been so busy I have not had time to think about this pregnancy and it has just flown by. I want her to get here yet I know life is going to be crazy so I am perfectly ok with her taking her sweet time.
Just trying to think what else is new around here. Oh yeah we are still church hopping and it is getting really old really fast. It has been a year and a half and still the perfect church has not come along. I don't know if I am being to picky or if there really hasn't been a good one yet. I think I was just so blessed with our last church and I knew what it has been like to be spiritually fed through all my great bible studies, small groups, and friends, that now that all that is gone I am starving. Spiritually starving that is, judging from the size of my rear we know I am not physically starving. Any way it is all a bit frustrating and I am getting tired of looking. A couple weeks ago I attended my neighbours church while they were having a revival, and lets just say that was a little frightning and over the top for me. There were people speaking in tongues and getting healed and dancing around the stage, and falling down flat from being hit by the Holy Spirit. The whole thing was just a little freaky if you ask me. Feel free to comment on your opinion of all that........
well my minute is up and we are out the door to go eat dinner. We are celebrating the faCT THAT IT WAS bEN'S LAST DAY ON COP DUTY AND WE CAN GO BACK TO HIS OTHER HECTIC SCHEDUAL..yEAH! oOPS I hit the cap lock button but do not have time to go back and fix it so just deal. I'm outy! 7 month prego pics to be posted soon! Just how fat is she??? Now that is the question!

Monday, September 12, 2005

Apples of my eye......

Long time no blog!

Well I guess it is about time I update my blog. We have been so crazy busy around here I am not sure which end is up. The newness of my oh so great routine is wearing off quickly, and the thought of walking every morning is a dreaded event. So I have just decided to go to the beach more instead because tanned fat looks better. School is still going great though and I am very glad we decided to homeschool. It seems to be suiting us just right.

Rufus's newness is beginning to wear off too and it is a good thing he is cute because this potty training thing definitely isn't. He is making strides but not fast enough for this little poop scooping mama. The vet gave me some tips but it sounds like allot of hard work and dedication, and well that is just not really my thing. I will just pray for a miracle!

So we have started packing up boxes. We move in on October 12th, so I figure if I pack a few boxes a day by the 12th everything will be done and it won't feel so overwhelming. I have three pieces of furniture I have to paint before we move as well. It is really hard for me to concentrate when my house is in shambles, but I am trying to concentrate on the big picture.

So remember awhile back when I wrote about my dream couches? Well my dream couches became my dreaded couches. I loved the look of them but they were wearing very quickly. The first time I called the furniture store and after many complaints and games of phone tag they replaced all the cushions, saying it was some freak thing and should not happen again. Well guess what...It did. We had the new cushions for two months and they were beginning to wear like the old ones. So I whined like the little princess that I am, got my husband to get on the horn again, and they took the couches back with a full refund. So we got to go couch shopping again! We ended up picking a gorgeous set of leather couches. I am usually not one for leather b/c I think it looks to office-ee, but the ones I picked are pretty formal. Besides I am going for durability this time, and leather just looks better over time. So it turns out they had the couch in stock but they had to special order the love seat(6-8 weeks). So we got the couch delivered on Saturday and they unwrapped it in all it's glory to discover there was a big gash going along the bottom rail in the wood. So now I have to special order an new couch as well. They are letting us keep the other one until they get in and then they will do the switch-a-roo. So that kind of works out good because the new ones will be delivered to the new house and we will have one less thing to move. Also we kind of get to test drive the new couch without having to worry about messing it up.

Ben found out this week where he will be deploying for 4 months, and I probably should not announce it on blog but it is not Iraq (sp?) so that is a blessing. However by the time I am left with four kids on my own for 4 months my house might look like somewhat of a war zone itself. I took the kids (3 as of now) to the grocery store and to run errands the other day when Ben was at work and it was exhausting. It was hot, they were done, we had a few minor injuries, and I was ready to pull my hair out. It made me fear and dread the upcoming months that I will be having those days every day, only with a new infant on top of it all. Yikes. I have also come to the conclusion that I will no longer have any friends. Well I will have friends I just won't be spending any time with them. It will go something like this. "hey I should call Alyssa and invite her out to lunch, oh but wait she has four kids that come along with that package, ah forget it I will just call Sally instead, she only has one." I have to say however that my kids are pretty easy and more behaved then allot of people's one, but I am afraid the quantity will turn people off. I already get weird looks when I go out and people see my protruding belly and my three little ducklings trailing behind. It makes me feel like I have to act extra composed, like three kids at the grocery store is a breeze, so people don't think I am absolutely crazy. Really I feel more sorry for them then they do for me because they don't get to experience the joy those three sets of blue eyes bring into my life. Yes sometimes it is hectic and I want to pull my hair out, but when I tuck them all in bed everynight and they say "mommy I love you" it is so worth it. So even though I am truly scared about the upcoming months I know that we will get through and maybe even prevail with some tid bit of sanity intact. Do keep us in your prayers because they will most certainly be needed. If you are unsure what to pray you can say something like this...."Please turn Alyssa into super mom with the power to make breakfast and clean a toilet bowl at the same time. To teach school, while changing a poopie diaper in the blink of an eye. The power to turn the scent of that poopie diaper into a flower garden. To think that her kids are still cute when they are all screaming at the same time. And most of all to not call her husbands name in vain when he is watching movies and taking afternoon naps! AMEN!

Well I think that is the latest and greatest at the Turner household. I bid you farewell!

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Baby name stealing B****!!

That darn Britney Spears stole my baby name. She just announced that she is naming her baby London since that is where her and her hubby started dating. I have had that name since before I was pregnant and now that she is due before me everyone will think that I got it from her. Not to mention that now everyone will be hearing and using my original name. The nerve ! Well at least she is having a boy and I think it is much more suited for a girl. Maybe one day My Londyn will marry her London (just like Paris and Paris) and they can support me when I am grey and old. To make it worse she said if she was having a girl she liked the name Addison (my oldest daughter's name. Ben says "you darn divas are all alike!"
So last night we were driving home from a photo shoot and we got rear ended. Minimal damage was done to our van ( from the looks of it anyway) but the other car was undrivable. All of us feel fine but I think I might go in to the DR today just to get checked out. The baby is moving just fine but it is better to be safe then sorry. It was dark and they were doing road construction but there was no pre-warning sign, the cones just suddenly appeared. People were running all over the cones as they tried to quickly dodge over. We slammed on our breaks to avoid hitting the person in front of us when bang we got hit from the back! While we were pulled over on the side of the road filing an insurance claim we almost witnessed several more accidents in that same spot. The guy that hit us said he has been meaning to get his breaks checked so we were just the unlucky ones to be in front of the guy with bad breaks. The girls were freaked out and Addison never wants to go in a car again. In fact she does not even want to play with Corben's cars because they will remind her of the crash. Got to love my little drama queen!
Well my hubby is making me some home made apple pancakes and they are smelling pretty good so I am going to sign off for now!