Sunday, October 30, 2005

So this is goodbye....

Well I am signing out, for a week or so anyway. Our internet cable and phone all get unhooked tomorrow and we will not have it hooked back up until November 8th. So I will miss you all and cannot wait to get back on and get caught up with everybody. For those of you who need to get ahold of me my cell number is still the same. Tomorrow is moving day!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Can you say dilate?

SO I went in for my routine OB appointment today and I am at 32 weeks and 5 days. I told the Dr that I have been having contractions for the last week and a half, so she decided she better check me. When she did she discovered that I was dilated to a 3 already and sent me up to labor and delivery to be monitored. They monitored for 2 hours and I am contracting but when they checked my cervix after two hours I had not progressed any further so they sent me home. I have to go in again tomorrow morning to make sure I am not any further along as this would be a little early to go into labor. All of this is no surprise to me. I always dilate way early and by the time I hit 35 weeks I am usually at a 5 or 6. I have always been induced at 38 weeks so that my water does not break at home. Once my water breaks I go from a 6 to a 10 in about ten minutes so that does not give me much time to get to a hospital. This is however the earliest I have ever started dilating, and I am sure Londyn will be making an appearance before her due date of December 16th. Just thought I would give you all the update and I will let you know how it goes tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Well yesterday we FINALLY signed the papers on on our new house! YEAH! It is official now and we are on the final countdown (I hope), six more days! I cannot wait to start decorating, and I vow to all of you in blog world that in one week the whole house will be painted, every box will be unpacked, every picture will be hung on the wall and it will look like we have always lived there. I don't care if I am up 24-7 that house is going to be done, and I can't wait! Then I am going to sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

If you feel like listening to me vent then keep reading...

I should probably update my blog but the only thing I could think of writing about are all my complaints and I did not want to burden you with them. Then I thought oh what the pooh it may be better if I just get it all out. SO the number one complaint on my list these days is that we have STILL not moved into our new house. Our move in date has been pushed back 4 times now due to people slacking at their jobs. The latest and hopefully final date we have been given is Halloween day. This is not going over with our kids at all. You see it has been over a month since ALL of our stuff has been packed and waiting. We are living out of a suitcase where I had set aside about 5 outfits each and everything else has been packed. The kids have one or two toys that were left out and they are starting to get really bored. You know what happens when kids get bored! I have 4 desks, an armoire, a couch, two dressers, a night stand,4 bar stools,a book shelf, a side table, 2 TV's and about 30 boxes piled up in my living room right now. There is a very narrow twisted path going through the living room, and as you can imagine my expanding belly and butt barely make it through. So needless to say I am at the end of my rope living amongst all this kaos. My daughters homeschool supplies are in a card board box on top of the washing machine, and she does her school on our outdoor patio table which is serving as our kitchen table right now. For those of you who know me, you know that I cannot stand when my house is not presentable, and I dread waking up to it every day. So that is that.

Next to top things off and put me in an even better mood, I am on day 9 of a terrible head cold. I have stuffy nose, headache, soar throat, and cough. Things are strating to look up on that end and the mucus has been minimal as of yesterday.

Ben's boss at work is being a jerk about Ben's second job and is throwing the "your first priority is the military" card at him. Well actually his FIRST priority is HIS FAMILY and unfortunately the military pay just does not cut it! He claims that we are choosing to live a lavish lifestyle.......HA HA HA Yes those two brand new cars in our driveway, and the trips we take every month, and that huge mansion we live in, I mean come on give me a break! If our life is lavish I would really hate to see skid row. We are comfortable, yes, but there is definitely nothing lavish or extreme in our lifestyle. I hate those military guys who are more dedicated to their jobs then their family.

As I anticipate the birth of our daughter, it also comes with the fear of knowing that Ben is going to deploy just a few weeks after. The thought of him being gone for 4 months and me mothering 4 children alone is truly frightening! What happens when I get the flu and can barely get out of bed? You know that always happen when they leave. Or when all the kids get sick and they are simutaniously throwing up. I only have so many hands and can only clean up so much vomit at once. And say everyone stays healthy, I still have to take all of them to the grocery store once a week, and any other errands that need doing. Why have they not invented a shopping cart that holds 4 kids and all your groceries???

I think all this stress has been wearing on me b/c the other day I had to go to the DR for 4 different ailments. The Dr comes in and asks what is wrong and I list my problems and tell him to pick one. I feel like my body is falling apart on me. One of them is what seemed like a swollen gland from my cold but it turns out there is not a gland there and they were clueless as to what it could be. I guess I am just a freak of some sort. Any way I am on antibiotics, and I go back in a week to get rechecked.

Well I guess that is enough venting for one day! If anyone has any good news I would love to hear about it. I am tired of getting bad news lately! Hope everyone is doing better then I am!

Friday, October 07, 2005


My life would be a whole lot easier if I was not so anal. So I ended up going to that naked furniture store to buy two matching desks. However when choosing my stain color my eye turned towards these great colored stains rather then going with the dark wood of the the rest of my house. So I decided it would be cool to get a blue stain and do a whole blue and brown theme in the computer area. My plan was to get some retro blue and brown material to upholster the chairs and do some watching Roman shade window treatments and I painted the book shelf and the chalk board frame brown to go with this new theme. So that was all done and good however......Yesterday I went shopping for desk accessories and was hoping to get two dark brown desk pads and some baskets to go in the shelving. Well the only thing I could find after many many stores was a mustard shade of brown. So I thought since it is still in the brown family it might go together ok. So I get it home and decide that it would just not be fashionably acceptable to have three different colors going on and made an 8 pm run to check some more stores (with all the kids b/c Ben was at work) for what I was looking for. I came home empty handed and tossed and turned all night over my dilemma. So this morning I was down stairs on the computer when I looked over at my new desk with it's new mustard accessories when I noticed that the accessories were the same exact color as my walls. So my options were to get new accessories, or repaint my book shelf and chalk board to match with paint that I just happened to have on hand. So 8 am out came the paint brushes and rollers (AGAIN!!!) So here is what we ended up with...What do you think?