Thursday, June 29, 2006

I'm going to be aunt!

My brother just called me this morning at 4am Hawaii time and Patty's water just broke and they were on the way to the hospital to have their first baby. I already have my tickets booked to go out there but not for another 6 days. 6 WHOLE DAYS! The baby will practically be in college! I wanted to be in the room when she had the baby so bad, but being their first it was just to hard to judge if she was going to be early or late. So I booked it a little later wanting to make sure I did not miss her all together. So lets go and make this all about me and how I feel totally heart broken that I am missing everything. I am calling them every hour, or less, and they have officially labeled me the stalker! Right now she is at 6cm, and about to get her epidural, ahhh the epidural! So I will keep you posted from my computer 3500 miles away from all the action:(

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Girls just want to have fun!

Next week I am having to say goodbye to one of my really good friends on the island. They are moving to their next duty station. If I had a dollar for all the people who have come in and out of my life in the military I would be a rich women. I hate goodbyes so much, however goodbye parties are always fun. So we arrange a whole evening of fun with 9 girls from my old neighborhood and planned it all behind our friends back. I showed up on her door step at 4pm. She was just getting ready to paint her military housing walls back to white, but I shoved her a box from the Gap containing a new outfit I had bought her for the evening. Told her to get in the shower and we were leaving in an hour. We all gathered outside for a group shot before we left and then we blindfolded her and all squeezed into one van. Thank God for mini van moms! Our first stop was pedicures! Nothing like a little pampering to start off the evening. When we arrived in the parking lot we looked like a bunch of clowns that just kept coming and coming out of the van. Not to mention we were dragging around a girl in a blind fold. After all our toes looked cute as can be we went to one of my fave restaurants on the island, Brew Moon. We had appetizer of calamari, Kalua pork quesadias, and coconut crab dip with plantation banana chips. We had drinks of martinis mojitos, a margaritas to name a few and took turns sampling everyone's. Then we each ordered a full meal. I practically had to be rolled out of there I was so full. We all talked and giggled until 10:30, and like the old ladies that we are called it a night! It was a great time, I just wish we were celebrating under different circumstances!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Sweet satisfaction!

Yesterday Ben had the afternoon off so we decided to go up to build-a-bear so the kids could build a bear for my brother's new baby and their new cousin. They love that place and had so much fun making the perfect little bunny. So afterwards we just happened to have to walk right past Gap on our way back to the car. Ben has been looking for the perfect baseball cap, so I, with ulterior motives suggested he look in Gap. So he says "ok why don't I just run in real quick" I quickly reply with, "Oh no, it's okay honey, I don't mind going in with you." He knowing me all too well says, "ok but we are only going in for a minute." "yes sweetie" bat my sweet little ole eye lashes. SO Ben takes his one minute not a second later to browse for a hat, and by the time he gets back to me I have snatched up an armful of clothes to go try on. The sign in the window saying BIG SALE was not a lie. Ben immediately goes into defense mode, followed closely by pout mode, and then stamp your feet and wine mode. I glare at him from the change room line up like a lioness protecting her cubs. He proceeds to send in all three kids to bang on my door, and once they had all accompanied me into the change room called my cell phone 3 times. I of course ignored it. Once I had gathered up my must have purchase I emerge from the change room to see Ben sitting there in a much better mood, accepting his defeat. He must of had a complete change of heart because he even asked if I wanted to shop a bit more. So over dinner I asked him why he had a change of heart at the Gap and he said that he realized what ever reaction he had I was going to do it anyway so he might as well stay in light spirits.
SO we get home and I put on my new DKNY lingerie that I have been saving for a special occasion and come around the corner to give Ben "the look" He being a guy instantly gets that shit eating grin on his face, and I tell him I will be waiting in the bedroom. So just as he is climbing in next to me I say "oh you can look, but only for one minute! "
Of course after some wining and pouting I gave in but this time I had the shit eating grin on my face knowing that he now understood "the need" Ah sweet satisfaction!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Yeah Me!

My dear sweet husband got me the iPod video 60G for my birthday! I am so excited. I am actually not much of a music lover. I mean don't get me wrong I like music but I never know who sings what, and I never really think to listen to it unless I am in the car or something. So Ben was a little reluctant to get it for me thinking I would not use it much. He was probably a little right and I just wanted one because they are cool and it would be neat to say I have one. However now that I have played around with it I think I will use it even more then I thought. I spent the day loading all my pictures on it. I am a) excited about the fact that I figured out how to do it all by myself, and b) excited to actually be able to carry around all my pictures. I am so bad about getting pictures printed out, and when ever people ask me to see pics in my wallet of my family I never have any. However now thanks to my handy dandy little iPod when people ask me to see my family I can whip out my 5000+ pics. I am sure everyone is going to be just thrilled! Ben has gotten my some video's and movies to watch but I am going to save them to watch on the plane when I go to Canada in a few weeks. It will definitely come in handy for working out, and I have the arm band so I can exercise with it. I set the clocks so I have the time zones of all my friends and family at the push of a button, and have synchronized all my contacts. I never knew being a techie could be this much fun!

Friday, June 16, 2006

Some words from Turnerville

I don't know exactly what I do every day but I am always busy and the days seem to fly by faster then I can keep up with. Part of the reason our days fly by could be the fact that we all sleep in until 9-10am eat breaky at 10:30, eat lunch at 2, east dinner at 7 and then it is nearing bed time again. This was all good and fine when we were home schooling but in a few weeks the kids will be starting school and actually having to wake up before the sun rises. This is going to be pure torture for us all and I am NOT looking forward to being a morning person. Nor am I looking forward to fighting with my non morning person children to get out the door when their little eyes haven't even fully popped open yet. So my future is looking a little bleak right now with that looming over us. Speaking of looming, so is our future. We are going to go ahead and put in paper work for an early release however Ben has been talking around the shop and it sounds like it is quite unlikely that we will get approved for release. Like maybe a 15% chance. I am not a gambling women but I would say those are not good odds. Also if he puts in the paper work and we get denied his whole chain of command will know that he wants to get out and they get their little Air Force rah rah noses out of joint and could make life miserable for Ben for his remaining time. (3 years is what we have left in our contact) They will give him the worse positions and so on. So that might just be opening a can of worms we do not want to open. So we have 1.5 years left in Hawaii and then we will either try and extend here for another 1.5 years (which is also something that has to be approved) Or we could get sent to some base who knows where for the last year and a half. Keeping in mine that he will deploy every 16 months, and they are now moving the deployments up to 8 months instead of four. Makes me sick just thinking about it. So we are trying to figure out a way to avoid deployment at all cost. We know that we have to finish our time in Hawaii which is fine b/c since he just got back from a deployment he is safe for the next 16 months, and that is right around our scheduled time to leave. Now are you totally falling asleep yet? They do have some positions in the airforce that are non-deployable and it is very likely for Ben to get one and even have some say in where we will be but the crappy thing is they are three year tours and since we will only have 1.5 years in the AF after Hawaii we would have to extend in the Af for another 1.5 years. However at least we would never have to deploy again and that would be worth it. But we just want out soooo bad! Dang Air Force just let us GO!!!!
Enough about that it gets my blood pressure boiling to much.

yesterday we spent the day at the pool and that is where I plan to reside for the next week or so. My goal is to get the ultimate tan before I go visit all my white Canadian relatives! I am going to Canada on July 5th to see my little brother and his soon to be wife have their first baby. I am so excited and hope that I make it there before she has my precious little niece. I have a feeling she is going to go into labor before I get there but I have given her instructions to keep her legs crossed and not eat any spicy food. Yeah right. Just what every pregnant women wants to hear when they are peeing 10 times a night and can't see their feet anymore. Regardless I am so excited to hold a new born again. Also I am taking Londyn with me and it will be the first time allot of my Canadian relatives and my mother will be meeting her. So she will be meeting 2 grandchildren at the same time. We are going for 3 weeks and I cannot wait to see all my friends and family. I have not been home in three years.

I have been going strong on my weight loss regimend. I am running and lifting every day (even when I DO NOT WANT TO). I am eating very good. I can't remember the last time I sunk my teeth into a Big Mac! I lost4 pounds this week (FINIALLY) Although some days I can fluctuate 4 pounds in one day so who knows if it will stay that way. I do feel allot firmer but not smaller. My pants are not really feeling any different but I don't feel as flabby. Any tips on how to get the last of it off would be appreciated. I feel so close yet so far away!

Ok don't go calling CPS on me but I have lost my mother of the year nominee. In fact this is so bad I would vouch to say I have lost my mother of the year nominee for the next 5 years. Two days ago Addison and I were playing together on her American Girl Club website and Londyn was on her spot of the floor beside our desk smiling and talking away. However not five seconds later she had made it to the top of the stairs and then proceeded down them. I turn wondering what that thump thump thump noise was and there is my 6 month old rolling half way down the stairs. Then everything goes in slow motion, like those dreams when you want to run fast but you can't. Londyn is looking at me with wide eyes screaming "SAVE ME" and by the time I could reach her she was on the bottom step. That would be all 15 of them. The good news is my stairs and landing are carpeted, and that she was rolling length wise with the step and not head over heals. She only cried for about 30 seconds and did not have a scratch on her but I was shaking like a leaf for the next hour at least. After every kid we have Ben and I get more and more laid back. We boiled the babies pascifiers with our 1st and by the time we got to the forth we just blow it off and stick it back in their mouth. I think Addison rolled off the couch, Camryn rolled off our king size bed (twice in one evening), and now Londyn down the stairs. Ben says we have to stop having kids or our next one might be rolling off the roof. That is one good thing about having so many kids we have a few to spare! (JK obviously!)

Tuesday nights we have established "family night" and no one can make any plans but spending time together as a family. Sometimes we play games, sometimes we just talk, but the most important thing is that we are all together enjoying each others time. Well this week we went to cars and it was so so cute! Much better then I had anticipated. If you have not seen it yet it is a must see. Even Londyn sat and watched the whole thing in total amazement. Lightning Mcqeen came off his high hoarse just in time to do some amazing things, and Mayter was such a goof that you just had to love him.
The next night I had a girl night out with my friend. We went to one of our fav restaurants CPK (California Pizza Kitchen) I had a coupon for a free appetizer, so we had that and then split our favorite salad and pizza. We topped it up with a fav martini and ate until we could Hardly move. Joking about how we were going to have to undo our pants and let our bellies hang out when we got to the theater. We saw The Break Up. It was cute and frustrating at the same time. You just wanted them to get back together so bad but you will have to go see it for yourself. I will say this. You could always relate to the silly arguments they were having and laugh to yourself when you see how ridiculous you probably sounded once you see it up on the big screen.

I have once again grounded myself from shopping. Ben go ahead and skip to the next paragraph. I don't like to admit this stuff in front of him because he likes to use it against me later. He will say "even you admit that you shop to much" No I didn't I do not know what you are talking about? What do you want me to dress frumpy and be the weird wife with the cats on her sweatshirt. You know the one! Two cats sitting on the front and then low and behold you turn around and the backs of the cats are on the back. One of the things he said that he was first attracted to me was my fashion sense and desire to always look polished, but now that he is funding that little project is starting to have a change of opinion. In my defense Banana Republic was having an awesome sale. So awesome that I had to revisit it three times. I would go a fourth but I think I have already gotten one or maybe two of everything there. At a very good rate...Like I said.

Last night we dabbled around looking up martini recipes. We decided it would be funny to make our own martini menu for when we had people over and they could get what ever kind they want. So we are going to compile a list of the best martinis. Now of course in order to do this we are going to have to test them all. So I have sacrificed myself for the greater good of the martini. Yesterday we had the chocolate martini which I think we can enhance with one more ingredient, and the Caribbean martini which was very good. Must go to the liquor store for more ingredients.

We have started Alias season one. We are on episode 5. Episode 4 if you count the fact that I slept through most of 5 and have no idea what is going on. It is nice having a series to watch since it is summer time and none of my shows are on.

Addison finished her homeschooling DVD's this week. She will still do some book work over the summer but it was so nice to get the year completed. She is doing so well! Reading at a fourth grade level and a wizz in math. I still have to use my fingers and she wizzes out answers off the top of her head. Good thing I get the teacher book with all the answers! We had a big end of the year party for all the kids at our old neibourhood. We had pools and games and prizes and the kids all had a blast. I love that first day of summer vacation excitement!

Well I think I have hit most of the highlights from the past week and a bit. Maybe if I would blog more often they would not be so long.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Rub a dub dub four kids in the tub!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Londyn has two teeth...and is growing way to fast:(

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Phat VS Fat

My goal is to be Phat, but the only one I can seem to achieve is FAT and this one comes quite easy. So I have an extra ten pounds sticking around. Can I not be Phat with the fat? There was once a day, long ago, when it was considered sexy to have a little extra cushion for the pushion, but in today's society we are forced to be model thin. To toss our donuts and pick up that celery stick for breakfast, and then complain about how full we are after we finish. So I say we start a new trend where being fat is cool, and maybe even attractive. We may need a little help getting the word out so I thought we should start right in Hollywood. We will kidnap the little "trend setting" Paris Hilton and lock her in a tall tower full of Krispy Kreams and she
will have to eat her way out. Then we will put on her XL "fat is cool stay in school" t-shirt and send her back into the lime light. All the Hollywood elites will see her and realize that she looks much better when her bones are not jutting out of her body and they will toss those Starbucks fat free double lattes, pick up that in and out burger, slam it down, then lick the grease from the wrapper, and burp in great satisfaction. Soon we will get rid of all those size 2's that prance around on their frail little legs and replace them with good solid healthy 8-10's.

In all seriousness though, I am getting so frustrated. I think it would be easier to make my little Paris Hilton scheme work then it would to lose this last 10 pounds. My little fat cells are clinging to me like a toddler about to get shots at the DR's office. They are hanging on for dear life and refusing to budge. I don't know what else to do. I am eating very healthy, running 3-5 miles a day plus low weights, yet the scale will not move. Not one budge. Those same three numbers staring up at me every day. In fact I think now when I get on that scale I even hear a little snicker as those three numbers point and laugh. People say I look great for having 4 kids. "having 4 kids" being the key phrase in that sentence. I want to look great period. So come on folks get on board. Lets make fat beautiful again! Lets make Fat Phat!