Friday, May 27, 2005

Trying to win the LOTTERY!

Well we are looking at buying a house here, and I am wondering what ever happened to the good ol'days when you looked for a house you liked and you bought it. Here in Hawaii there are so many more people then there is houses available, so you actually have to enter your name in and win a lottery just to be able to have the privilage of buying a house. They are starting another new development and they are building 17 houses at a time. So after walking through the model homes you get all the paper work and check the web site for the next available lottery. When the lottery comes up (about every 6 weeks) you have one week to get the paper work filled out and turned in. Basically an affidavit saying you will buy the house if you win the lottery and a pre-approved mortgage. So once that is in, your name goes in a draw with 250-300 other people who are going up for the 17 houses available. The catch is that every time there is another lottery the price of the house goes up $10-20 000. So you cannot exactly afford to keep entering the lottery too many times. Then you also have the frustration of knowing the people who won the first lottery paid $60 000 less then you did for the same house you got a few months later. So anyway our name is in the lottery and the draw is next Sunday June 6th. So please pray and cross your fingers and do a dance on the roof top or what ever you think might help us win!

Now here is the good newsThe houses are starting out at $350 000, which you would probably picture a 5 bedroom mansion with a pool and hot tub overlooking the ocean, but try 3 bedroom, 1200 square feet over looking your neighbour that lives two feet away. However the market is only going up because the over demand for housing. Our neighbors won the last lottery and they got in for $335 000, and 3 weeks later their house is selling for $355 000. That is a pretty good turn over. People who bought last year are selling their houses for over $100 000 then they bought it for. So if things go our way we could stand to leave here dept free with $100 000 in our pockets. Not to mention the equity we make off what the airforce puts in because they pay most of our mortgage payment if we live off base. The fact that we even got approved for a mortgage that high is amazing in itself, so I really hope we can win this lottery next weekend. I will keep you all posted!

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

A Tooth Fairy Mishap!

Yesterday Addison was bound and determined to get out her loose tooth before bed so she could get a visit from the tooth fairy. She wiggled and jiggled and finally begged me to pull it out before bed because she did not want to wait one more day. So I layed her out on the couch and removed her second cute little baby tooth. She did a dance for joy, showed everyone in the house, looked at herself in the mirror and practiced sticking her tongue through the space in her
front teeth, and then put it in a little purse under her pillow. So 10:30 comes around and I was all caught up in the drama of my Alyssa pity party that I went strait to sleep and forgot all about my Tooth Fairy duties that evening. So three o'clock in the morning I wake up from a nightmare. I had a dream that we forgot to put money under Addison's pillow and she woke up and was so upset. I wake up and realize my dream was about to come true. So I shake Ben awake and tell him we have to get a dollar under her pillow and quick. AKA WHERE IS YOUR WALLET! He said he did not have a dollar, he only had a 5. We gave her $5 for her first tooth but told her the first and last are worth the most. So as I concentrated on the dilemma at hand I started to crunch the numbers. If we give her the $5 we will be setting the bar high for the rest of her teeth. I added it up and by the time she loses all her teeth they would cost us $100. Then we would have to follow suit with the next 3 kids and that brings us to a grand total of $400 in teeth, and we haven't even mentioned braces yet. So I scratch my head thinking where I can find a dollar bill. That did not work so I scratched my rear and it came to me. I had stuffed some dollars into my vase on my dresser. So I fumble around in the dark for the light, remove my fake yellow flowers from my vase and retrieve a dollar bill. Sure we have quarters laying around and 4 quarters equal a dollar but to a kid a paper dollar is worth so much more. So I fetch the purse from under the pillow and exchange the tooth for a dollar, put the tooth in my little hiding place and crawl back into bed. Then I could not fall asleep so I wrote this blog in my head. Next thing you know it is 6:3am and Addison is running into our room showing off her dollar "just like the one from National Treasure!" Tooth Fairy saved the day! One quick question before I sign off. What do you do with your kids teeth? Chuck them? Save them? Do I really want to have a box of 80 baby teeth sitting on my night stand? Just curious!

Monday, May 16, 2005

Who knew?????

Apparently when you flush 7 pencil crayons and a tooth brush down the get a new toilet! Thanks Corben! Now when I throw up I can see myself staring back at me in my shiny new toilet bowl!!! The plumer was also very impressed with us!

Friday, May 13, 2005

Get Off My Back!!!

Ok all you folks who are complaining about my lack of blogs....let me see you spend your days and nights trying to hold down vomit and let me know how inspired you are to get on the computer to type out a blog. While you are lying there trying to keep the vomit down, get three kids to jump all over you like a jungle gym because they are tired of watching tv for 6 hours. Besides that I have not left my house in a month and I spend everyday either lying in my bed or on the couch. So I am pretty sure that if I wrote a blog every day for thirty days about how sick I feel, how my house is a mess, and that once again I layed around ALL day counting the hours go by until I can end another day you would get pretty board, and Sour Milk would start looking pretty good. So people once you have lived 30 plus days in my shoes or shall I say pj's then I will gladly listen to your complaints...Capiesh?