Saturday, July 28, 2007


So It has now been 12 days with the new boobs and things are coming along great! It all happened so fast that it still has not fully hit me that I actually did it! The morning of surgery I went in at 8am and got checked in. I got into my gown and they started the IV which I am normally very very afraid of but they numbed it with lidocane first and I did not even feel it go in. Then they gave me this amazing blanket which had a vacume type attachment which actually had a constant flow of warm air blowing in. I need to get myself own of those for home, it was so cozy! I did not actually go into surgery until 9:50 am. They wheeled me into the surgical room and I was surprisingly calm. This was my first time under generl anesthetic and it was a pretty surreal experience. I was out in about ten seconds and remember coming awake as they were wrapping me all up in an ace bandage. It took me a few minutes to remember where I was and what was going on but I eventually peiced everything back togeather. I kept trying to fall back asleep but they kept waking me up. They wheeled me back into the recovery room and I was back in the reality world at that time. I have seen the procedure done on TV a few times and remember people waking up and crying in pain and what not, so either those people are real wimps or I have a high pain tolerance. When the nurse cme in I asked "is this it?" Is this as bad as the pain gets or am I still numb from the anesthetics. She told me no this was it and I was happy to hear it because it was totally tolerable. It actually feels exactly like it does when yo are breast feeding and the baby goes too long between feedings and your milk comes down and you are FULL and hard and need to feed. Like that except instead of feeding a baby you get to pop a couple roxicet and take a nap. So when I got home I went straight up to bed and that is where I stayed for the next week. Ben had taken the week off to be with the kids so I milked it for all it was worth. I had my lptop and my music and my book, and my magazines, and my drugs and I was a happy little camper. I highly recomend this to everyone because it certainly has its perks! Punn intended! Also because I spent most of the week sleeping and not eating I lost 7 pounds! So on to the boobs. I chose saline implants and went under the muscle. When they remove the bandages I was a little freaked out because they looked really high, which they warned me about ahead of time. I guess when you go under the muscle the muscles get confused by the forein objects now in your body and they basically tense up pulling the implants high up in your chest. Apparently it can take 3 weeks to 3 months to settle down into place. Um hello did they not know I am the most impatient person on earth?? Every morning a wake up and expect them to be dropped down and beautiful. They are looking better every day and they look very very natural b/c I went small( 350 cc). I really don't think they look fake at all other then they are a little fuller. I definitly do not have that big mellon look. They do say they will look a little bigger when they drop and are not hiding behind the muscle so much. When all is said and done I will probably be a small and perky C! It has only been 12 days and already feel totally back to normal other then not being able to lift anything to heavy. I have to wear a sports bra for 6 weeks and then I plan on going new bra shoping! Well that about sums up my whole experience.

The kids start school Monday and I can't wait! I am not looking forward to the early mornings but I am excited to have the house be a little quiter during the day! Once the kids are back in school I will blog more but for now I am going to go enjoy my Saturday!