Friday, November 02, 2007

My little blue box

I got my first little blue box! It was the sweetest little blue box, all tied up in a perfect little white bow. All cute and ready for me to open. My first little blue box! My heart skipped a beat as I held it in my hand in disbelief. Here in my hand was the most beautiful Tiffany blue box! Who would get me such a box you ask. Well only my best friend would of course. Unfortunatly it comes with a price though. My little blue box comes at a price because it was a moving away gift. I love my little blue box but I would give it back in a heartbeat if it would mean she could stay. I know she has to go and it is the right thing to do and she needs to be with family while her husband is deployed for 15 months, but she is my best friend, and she is leaving, and all I have left is my first little blue box. I almost did not want to open it, because once I open up that box it was official. It was officially my go away gift, which ment that she was going away. My best friend of the last four years is moving. The girl I laughed with, cried with, spent hours on the phone with, consumed many bottles of wine with, shopped online for the perfect boobs with, and shared my secrets with. She gets me, understands me, accepts me for who I am (tiera and all). Hawaii will not be the same without her, and neither will I. She is my BFF-best fabulous friend! There is not one good thing about having to say goodbye to your best fabulous friend. Well maybe one little thing............The only good thing about having a best fabulous friend who is moving away is that she gives fabulous gifts that come in a little blue box. So as all the great memories of the last 4 years came rushing though my head I pulled the little white ribbon on my little blue box. I lifted the lid off my little blue box. I looked inside my little blue box, and inside was a gorgous silver necklace and oval pendant with the letters Tiffany's engraved on the back. I have a great best friend and I have a great little blue box.