Monday, October 23, 2006

Ooops I did it again.......

I was not even going to blog about this because I don't even want to here it but she is just too cute not to show off. First let me start off by saying yes we are bad pet owners. Our kids have trouble keeping all our pets names straight because we get a pet, it's cute, it gets on our nerves and we find it a new home. We suck at training, and just have plain bad luck with pets. We get the most stupid animals around and they start destroying stuff, like my $2000 couch. SO I am raising my right hand and saying this is the dog that we are going to commit to. This dog will be part of our family. This dog WILL be trained properly. This will be the dog we grow old with. Well the kids will, I will still grow young! (yeah right!) Anyway totally out of the blue this Friday we were driving home from school with the whole family and I told the kids that daddy said they could have a dog. Which he totally didn't! So they start getting excited and Ben could just not let them down so he agreed to it. So we get home look up some ads on the computer and boom, just posted, just for us, for half the price they usually run for, a cute little Pomeranian 8 week female puppy, just for us. We called the girl met with her that night and voila we got ourselves (ANOTHER) dog! This is no just any dog though. This is the kind of dog I have always wanted. My little mother hen Addison has not put her down since we got her. So far she has been doing great. She, her name is Saddie by the way, has been using the potty outside and not on my carpets, and sleeps in her crate at night. She is very mild manners and loves to cuddle. Folks I think we got ourselves a keeper. The other reason I thought we needed a dog is because I cannot for the life of me shake this baby fever. I want another baby so bad. I keep begging Londyn to be just a little bit bad so it will make me not want to have another but she just smiles and is a cute as usual and she makes me want to make more and more just like her. Why do they just have to be so darn cute? So for now I will try a dog and hopefully that will decrease my longing for another baby.

New subject. We had our first preview service for the church last night. Satan was working full force to do what he could to stop it. We rent an area in a school for our services. That is what most churches do in Hawaii because of limited space. So we were supposed to get in at 3 and that was going to be majorly pushing it to get done by 4. Well we got to the school at 3 and the gate to get in was locked. We did not get ahold of the guy until 3:45 and had 15 minutes to set up before people started coming. SO in the end it all worked out and as people came they just help us set up and we had a wonderful service. After we went out to dinner with some of the new families and got to know them better. I am so excited to see what God has in store for the new church.

Let me just announce right here that it is Monday and I am officially starting my diet today. Not like last Monday and the Monday before where I say the same thing and then last until about noon before I sink my teeth into a nice juicy Big Mac and half a dozen chocolate chip cookies. I am serious this time. No really, stop laughing, this is no joke. I am tired of people playing count her fat rolls when I walk by them. My butt is taking on a life of it's own and may soon be declared it's own country. This is no joke my friends. It is time to take action before it is to late! I am not stopping until I get back into a comfortable size 6. I mean comfortable, not lie on a bed with a fork in my zipper and cut off circulation to the rest of my body parts all day. This is war! Wish me luck!!!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Time to Blog

Ok we are back from our trip and it is time to blog. We had a great time, but it is nice to be home again as well. We left here at 6pm for our wonderful 9 hour plane ride. The trip went pretty well because the kids slept most of the time, and they gave us the bulkhead so we had extra leg room. In fact at one point we made Corben a bed on the floor and slept quite comfortably. Poor Londyn however was suffering from an ear infection and had trouble getting comfortable. I mean in her defense it is hard to get comfortable when you are sticking your finger half way down your ear to stop the pain. Poor thing! Anyway we finally arrived at 8am the next morning in Texas. We went home had a big breakfast followed by a big nap! My first full day back in Texas I hit my favorite place. Canton First Monday! It is a huge flea market! I mean huge! It would take a whole week of 10 hour shopping days to cover the whole thing. It has furniture and houseware, and pets, and jewelry and purses and everything else you can possibly imagine you will find at Canton! I hit the jackpot. I always hit the jackpot at Canton. I think it would be impossible not to. I got some tin ceiling tiles, wooden dough bowls, two large rod iron wall hangings, a crystal bracelet for Londyn, a make up case, a serving tray, replaced the fiestawar cup I broke, can a new cart to drag all my stuff around in. What fun!
The next day we got up early and drove to Wichita Falls TX which is where we were stationed before we moved here. We got to see all our old friends and it was so great! We stayed my friend L's house and it was so great to get all our kids together again. We stayed up every night till the wee hours talking about anything and everything just like in the old days! We also had a girls night at On The Border that night which was so much fun. The watermelon margarita was also a real treat. The next day we went to church at out old church and the lunch at Ben's old favorite The Olive Garden. Following that I dragged him over to my other friends house where all the women from my old play group got together with all our kids and had a play date. Ben was the only guy there and got to listen to all us hens gab all day! I am sure he loved it. Here are some pics from our time in WF.

After our time in WF we went on to Dallas where we had plans to meet fellow blogger Allison at our kids favorite restaurant. This was our first time to meet each other outside of cyber space! I of course had to try on 5 different outfits, all of which accentuated all my fat rolls. I finally decided on one that made me look a little less fat and headed out. Allison of course is as beautiful and as sweet as she is on her blog. I felt like I had know her forever since I am always keeping up with her life online. In person we found out we had even more in common then we though. She is the me I would be if I did not have kids. We met at the magic Time machine which is a fun restaurant where all the wait staff dresses and acts in character. We had Willy Wonka and he did his part to a tea! The kids loved it! We also had magicians and balloon makers come to our table and put on a show for us.....For a price of course. After the Magic Time machine, Ben took the kids home and Allison and I went to a local bar/restaurant for a couple of martinis. We spent hours talking and telling stories. It was so fun to meet her, and I hope we can do it again one day. Jeff you are probably having an anxiety attack right now just reading this but it went fine and she was not a crazy serial killer or anything. Get a paper bag and take a few breaths!!!

The next day we had a quick pit stop at Sam Moon for some new jewelry and then headed back to Ben's parents house. Another highlight of our trip was meeting Wendy, my new sister-in-law to be, and let me just say I approve!!! We went shopping together and picked out all the same shirts so this girl has style and good taste, what's not to love. No really she is a really sweet girl and I am excited for her to join our family. My very talented 15 year old niece is a photographer and we spent a day taking pictures in her studio. When I say a day I mean a day, like the whole day! We took over a thousand pictures!! Here are a few of my favorites!

Like I said just a few of my favorites!! Ha ha! These are all pre-edited but I just could not wait to get them up. We then headed from there to the pumpkin patch where we took a few more pics. This was the first time to try out my new camera. Oh by the way I got a new camera! More on that later!

Also check out this link to see some amazing things my niece did with Camryn and photoshop!


Anyway those are the highlights from our trip. The day after I got back I shot my very first wedding. (hence the new camera) If I was going to do a wedding I needed to buy a more professional camera. I got the Canon Mark II and let me just say it is amazing! And for the $5000 sticker price it better be! I am planning on taking my photo business to the next level with some advertising and a few more courses!

Since we have been back we have been busy with photo shoots, school, cheerleading, girl scouts, church and the list goes on and on. Oh and how can we forget the lovely earthquake that rattled our bed early last Sunday! Ben was just excited to have our bed rattle again. (He will take what he can get these days!) There was no damage for us other then the 13 hours with no power. I don't know what we ever did before TV and internet. Ben of course got called into work so it was me and 4 very rambunctious monkeys, trying to get through the day. At 7pm we all loaded into our van and watched a movie while sitting in the driveway! Thankfully the lights came on just in time for desperate housewives!

Well I am getting tired of blogging now. Hope this will hold you over for awhile!