Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Precious Baby

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The moment you have all been waiting for...

Ok I finally have a few moments to blog about my birth experience. Now boys it is the time to reach for that mouse and escape this page as fast as you can! However there is nothing better then a good birth storey and once you have one and you get around a bunch of there women who have one then dilating, epidurals, boobs, and poop seems to be all we can talk about. I guess it is almost like a war storey for you guys, it is a fight and conquer thing for us, and I have the scars to prove it! So it all started on turkey Day! My DR was on call and told me to pop in and we would see where I was sitting dilation wise, but would not induce unless I was at least a 4 and showing some consistent contractions. So I called that morning and they told me not to come yet because there were no rooms available and to call back after lunch. Sounds good to me! That means I could stuff myself on a delicious Thanksgiving feast first. That is exactly what I did. I ate 3 times as much as any man at the gathering and then went for dessert. Not once, not twice, but three times! I was so full I could hardly walk and between the turkey and the baby, something had to budge because I did not have room for both! I thought the baby would be cuter in the bassinet then regurgitated turkey so we headed to the hospital.
When we got there, the Dr checked me strait away and I was still sitting at a three. She was able to stretch me to a 4 (I will save you and not go into detail on how she did that). Then she told me that it should get things moving, and to go walk around the hospital for a couple hours and we would check again. So off we went to explore every floor of that huge hospital. I ran up and down stairs and was having contractions every 1-2 minutes. However, after an hour, the contractions totally stopped and I began to give up any hope of being admitted and having a baby. So after 2 hours and some really tired legs we headed back up to labor and delivery to see the dr. Once again, they hooked me up to the machine to monitor my contractions. I knew I needed to be showing constant contractions on the machine in order to be admitted, and I also knew that nipple stimulation caused contractions. So when no one was looking I started to feel myself up like a school boy in the back seat of a drive in movie, and sure enough the machine started peeking one after another. Ben stood on the lookout for anyone who might walk into my room and soon he gave me the signal to cut because the Dr was heading our way. She checked the monitor and then me and woo hoo I was at a 5. She asked me what I thought about having this baby tonight, and after a couple high fives we headed to the labor room! They gave my IV, which is the scariest part of labor to me. Then they gave me my epidural, which is the best part of labor for me. Soon after that, they broke my water and we were on the home stretch. Now I have always joked that since my last baby weighed nine pounds and I had an easy delivery that if I ever had a six-pound baby I could probably just fart it out. Well Londyn made me eat my words because she was my longest and hardest labor ever. It was 5 hours and my epidural only took on one side of my body. One leg was so numb I could not even wiggle my piggies and the other I could dance a jig on. The contractions were absolutely unbearable and after screaming, crying, and cursing Adam and Eve, I told Ben that I changed my mind and was not going to be able to do this. Unfortunately, it was too late to turn back and before I knew it, it was time to push. Three pushes later she popped into my world and I instantly forgot all the pain as I gazed at her gorgeous perfect little face. At 6 pounds 12 ounces, I could not get over how tiny she was. My smallest thus far had been 8lbs 11oz so this was such a treat for me. I did not tear or cut and did not need one single stitch, which makes for a much quicker recovery. (No Ben we still have to wait 6 weeks to have sex!) At least I will keep telling him that.
So we have been home for 4 days now and I never thought I could be this lucky 4 times but she is such a good baby, and last night she only woke up one time all night long. This makes me part of a very small club of well rested mother of a newborn who gets 9 hours of sleep a night! I do not know if Ben and I just have super DNA or what but all of our babies have been super easy, and super cute! We are so excited that she is finally here, and feel so blessed to have our complete family!

Sunday, November 27, 2005

A few more pics!

Here are a few more pictures. We got out of the hospital yesterday and are all doing well. Last night was a rough and sleepless night but hopefully we will get on some sort of schedule soon. I will write soon about the whole experience but for now here is a few more pictures!

Friday, November 25, 2005

Londyn Lillianna Turner

This is Ben. Alyssa gave birth to my beautiful baby girl, Londyn Lillianna Turner, at 2:57 am HST. She weighs only 6 lbs 12 ozs. Londyn is 17.5 inches long. Both mommy & baby are in excellent health. More to come when Alyssa gets home from the hospital. is 5:45 am...I have not slept in 24 hours and Alyssa is making me go to three stores at 6am to do "Black Friday" Christmas shopping. I have a list! Wish me luck...I've got to get my game face on!

Sunday, November 20, 2005

On a lighter note.....

I went tot the DR's on Friday and I am still at a three and am thankfully past the scare zone for going into labor. So it just so happens that my Dr is on call for labor and delivery on Turkey Day and told me to come up there Thursday morning. If I can be dilate to at least a 4 by then she will go ahead and induce. If not then it will be the following Sat Dec 4th. So Londyn is coming soon! Now that Ben is leaving however I am going to push for this Thursday because the sooner she is bon the more time Ben will get with her before he leaves. Since that is only 4 days away I have allot of nesting to do so I better get started. If I do not post Thursday night you will know that I am at the hospital. My turkey has been basting for 9 months and is ready to come out of the oven, so I will be having a different twist on Thanks Giving this year, and will have even more to be thankful for.

Cry much?

Well it has been a rough week at the Turner household. Ben got his orders to deploy and I cannot even say it or type it without bursting into tears. The thing is the orders came out Monday and he was not on them. Because he was having a baby they were trying to make it so he could stay home. However some guy who got orders got a DR's note saying he could not deploy because of medical reasons and now Ben has to go in his place. I was all prepared for him to go but when I got it in my head that he was staying home it made this news an even harder blow to take in. I am not the strong supportive military wife who stands behind her husband as he goes off to save the world. I am the weak spoiled little princess who wants her husband here to be a family. To see his newborn little girl grow up, and to do all the things that only daddies can do. I know I CAN do it and I will get through but gosh darn it I DON"T WANT TO!!!! I do not want to drop my husband off at the airport and listen to myself and the kids cry all the way home because we already miss him so much. I don't want to wake up in the morning and not smell his French toast cooking on French Toast Friday. I don't want to sit down to watch a movie with no one to snuggle with. I do not want to be left in charge of the bills. I don't want to plan Camryn's birthday by myself. I DON"T WANT TO!!!!!!!!!! So if any of you are sitting out there with nothing to do and want to plan a trip to Hawaii to keep me company I would love that. I know military wives do this all the time. Most for longer then I am going to have to but I think it is just plane WRONG. Especially when there are single guys who would volunteer to go in his place but they will not let them. So I am going to kick and scream and cry and pout all the way up to that trip to the airport on Jan 4th, and nobody is going to say or do anything that is going to make this ok.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Kids bathroom!

Addison and Camryn's room

Corben's Room

house pics revealed!

Master bedroom,bathroom & closet

Friday, November 11, 2005

I'm Back!!!

Well we are finally in and getting settled! I got the whole house painted and I never want to see another paint brush again!. All the colors worked out great, and I am very happy with them. Now that we are almost finished with everything I am too tired to talk about it. I will blog more after a few days of rest. I also have three photo shoots this weekend so I do not know if things are ever going to slow down. Considering we are adding a newborn to the equation is 2 weeks I can pretty much guarantee that things are not going to slow down around here at all. Although after unpacking my closet I am getting very anxious to get into my old normal size trendy clothes. At this point I am having to squeeze into even my maternity clothes and have been confined to sweat pants which is just too depressing. We are just waiting on a few last minute touches to make the house complete. We have to special order the wood blinds and we are still waiting for my love seat to get in which they have told us early December. When it is all finished I will post some pictures. In the mean time I think I will reveal one room at a time so that I do not get overwhelmed with downloading pictures. For now I am off to home depot. Now that we are homeowners our middle name is BROKE! It seems to be one expense after another. Oh you want grass, well give me a few G's, oh you want blinds that will be another G. Hard wood floors, well that will cost ya....cable hook up let me add that, and so on and so on, oh and don't forget your first mortgage payment is coming up and to top it all off Christmas is right around the corner. Yes and of course you will be buying even more diapers soon. So needless to say Ben better get his cute little butt back to work and make us some Benjamins. Well I will try and post more this week when my to do list is not quite so long! It does feel good to be back online though!