Friday, April 29, 2005

Sour Milk Anyone?

Being pregnant and not being able to do anything but sit on the couch and let my mind wander is starting to bring back all the ups and downs of pregnancy and child rearing. This morning I stopped to ponder the whole beast feeding phenomenon. Some women just love breast feeding and think it is the ultimate bonding experience with your baby. Blah blah blah, what ever! When I think of breast feeding I think of the sore cracked nipples, the painful engorgement, the two wet spots on the front of your shirt because you can't stop leaking, the occasional bout with mastitis (accompanied by fever and chills), and the hours spent milking yourself like a cow with the breast pump. Speaking of breastpump, that reminds me of a funny little story......So Ben and I are proud new parents in our first apartment in Texas trying to adjust to life with a baby. We came to an agreement that I would get up to breast feed in the night through the week but on weekends I would have pumped milk in the freezer and he would get up for the 4am feedings. So I spent many many hours with my boob stuck in that vacuum machine squeezing out every last drop of milk. This was a job I took very seriously and any time I could squeeze out an extra bag I would. So I think I had my bag of milk count somewhere in the 30's when we decided we were going to go spend some time at his parents house. Well my wonderful brilliant achem, cough cough CHEAP, husband decided it would be a brilliant idea to save some bucks on our electric bill and shut the power off in the apartment while we were gone. So after some nice time away we get back to a hot apartment with no air conditioning, and go to the fridge for a cold drink when....Wait a minute.....Wait a minute....There is no power on in the fridge either.....Which means....Which must mean......OH NO!!!!! I whip open the freezer door to discover the most devastating thing ever! There wilted in the hot ice box lay 30 plus bags of sour breastmilk:( Hours at the pump go flashing through my head like a bad dream. Of course we had also just stocked up at Sam's club and had some great unfrozen steaks staring back at me. So in my cheap husbands attempt to save a few bucks we wasted $200 worth of new groceries, and my 30 plus bags of gold. I mean you don't understand, breast milk is priceless. I mean yes I could go to Sam's and get more steak but I could not go to Sam's and say "Give me 30 bags of your best breastmilk!" So back I went to that dreaded pump for some more boob squishing as I glared at my wonderfully cheap husband! See I am hardly even bitter about that anymore honey!

Thursday, April 28, 2005

My New Look!!!

Well I see some of you have seen the new blog me! I would love to take credit for this but I have to give all the credit and my thanks to Darlene from wwjb for this awsome design. I told her she should go into the blog design buisness. Ok I just got interupted by a phone call from Ben and PAUL WALKER (The Fast and The Furious) Is eating at his resturaunt right now!!!!!! I am telling you had I had a shower today....or yesturday....I would so be going down there to sit on his lap and lick his ear! Ok now I am too busy dreaming about P.W. to write my blog. So thanks a bunch Darlene for my new design! Blog ya later!

Monday, April 25, 2005

Too tired to blog

Sorry for the lack of blogs. It is not that I have nothing to blog about because I do, but I am way to tired a nautious to do so. I cannot stay awake for the life of me. My poor neglected children have watched more nick Jr. Then I care to think about but their mother is 100% useless right now. It is noon right now and I am in my my pj's, have not touched my hair with a brush, nor my teeth for that matter. My kids are also sporting their night clothes, well accept for Corben who is running around in a diaper. I am counting the minutes until nap time so I can SLEEP! I am sending Camryn over to the neighbors so the poor girl can be stimulated by something besides a TV. 6 more weeks and this trimester will be over. I have slept so much that I an tired of laying down and I cannot wait to have energy again. So you have 6 more weeks of postless blogs from my end. I did not want to blog about my current lifeless state because I did not want to detour "certain people" from going ahead with that third baby. So I will be catching z's while all of you are out there enjoying life. Can't wait to join you back in the land of the living!

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Hot off the press!!!!!!!

Just when I though I had well stocked my wardrobe for the summer, it is time to hit the stores again. However this time it will be a one stop shop in the maternity section because I AM PREGNANT!!!!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Gap Sale Update!

Don't you just love a good sale? Here is my total earnings fo the sales event: I got 5 tops and a skirt, Corben got Two t-shirts, Camryn got a pair of cute PJ's, Addison got a bathing suit, a tank top, and some matching flip flops, and I bought my Canadian cousin 7 tops because she is a shopper at heart but can not find great deals like we have in Canada. My shopper's heart goes out to her so I always stock her up when the sales are good. I did this all with three kids in tow! Let's have a round of applause for shopper Alyssa!

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Sale a Gap!

My friend just called and there is a big sale at Gap! All there shirts are $6.99! Gotta Go!

Desperate Housewife!

Ok folks it is time! Time find out which desperate housewife you are! My friend told me about the quiz. I took the test and to my surprise I was Susan. I even answered all the questions honestly. I hoped to be Susan because she is the hottest but I really thought I would be more like Lynette. So Take the test and tell me who you are! No Vanessa you can not take the test 10 times and put different answers until you get the one you agree with. I think the first time you took it was definatly true. You are such a little princess/diva! Right princess poo lovey bug? Yes you guessed it, we have a Mrs. Solice on our hands. So everyone take the test, and let me know your results! You can try it to Jeff. I know you always wanted to know what kind of a housewife you would be! Kirk Alexander, your wife probably already made you take it so you can just tell me your answer! Here is the link:

Don't have too much fun!

Monday, April 11, 2005

What a weekend!

Let me say this would have been the perfect weekend to spend at the beach! However there was no beach in site during our weekend. No the only site we had was the inside of the toilet bowl! All I can say is it is a good thing I had finally gotten around to cleaning them last week, because the site of them before was enough to make you vomit in itself. So we were thankful to have nice clean toilet bowls to up-chuck in all weekend! Corben started it with an all night episode of vomit and dieria, which I had the pleasure of cleaning up. By Friday morning I was in search of some toothpicks to wedge my eyes open and get through the day. Saturday morning I had to get up early to help my friend out with a garage sale (made $90 of shopping money!), and by the time I got home I to was visiting the porcelain gods. I was in bed by 4 and rather enjoyed the fact that I got to remain there until 6am the next day! The good thing about this illness is it was bad but short. It seemed to be a 12 hour bug. I woke up early feeling much better and got started painting Corben's bunk beds. I turned around to see Addison, who is usually my late riser coming down the stairs holding her belly. Shortly there after I was holding her hair back in that very memorable position. The poor thing got it worse then any of us and remained in that position for most of the day. Ben got the "feeling" also but nothing ever came of it, so he was very thankful! In all the throwing up, and needy children I managed to paint Corben's new bunk beds and set up his new room. Check out the pictures below. Addison is feeling better today but we decided to keep her home from school ad give her a day to recuperate. So we are going to relax and watch episode of our favorite shows that we have tivo'ed such as Supper Nanny and What Not To Wear. I think she is going to teach me how to play video games on her game cube as well. I am clueless! Oh we were also nice enough to share our germs with the neighbors and get there kids into the action as well. I guess they can never say we have never given them anything!

Corben's Surf Room

Corben's Surfer themed room is finally done!!!

Here are the pics to prove it!

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Picture Blog

OK Kel here you go back and front bikini shot. Try not to lose your

Darlene Here is my favorite decorative feature in my house. I love that
my bed is made up of old doors I bought at a flee market!

Here it is Tanis....the much to small closet that holds my endless wardrobe

This ones for you Jeff! Addison would not do the finger but Cam did not
know what it ment so she was all for it. As for Corben, you try and get a two
year old to do the bird!

Favorite spot on the island Bellows Beach! You almost always get the
whole beach to ourselves!

Portuguese-man-o-war just waiting to attack! We like to catch them and
let the kids keep them as pets! JK!

Ben's Jeep for Kirk!

Ok Darlene, too many favorite outfits to choose from! It is usuallymore like my newest outfit. However this is my new favorite T shirt ever! Accompanied by my new holey jeans!

Kirk I thought I would throw this in for you just so you have something

else to fear. Here is our centipedes!

Linda this is our back porch! I hope to have a nice big deck one day!

Shoe closet!

Linda here is my favorite kids toy. They made these bears atbuild-a-bear. the most brilliant idea for a store. What is more special then making anddressing your very own bear.......or rabbit......or dog!

Tanis still to come.....a picture of my messy house. You just happened
to catch me on the first day in months that my house has been clean. I am sure
it will not last long. As soon as the three tornados I call kids run through I will snap a picture.
Also that would be the worlds smallest castle!

Monday, April 04, 2005

The blonde leading the blonde....

When two, ok lets just say it "hot " blonde moms, decide to go on a weekend get away we just might need to add a warning label! This weekend was Fun with a capital F. You would think we would have hit the town and painted it red but after a 7 hour shopping excursion, who had the energy? So we may no longer be party animals but we definatly had no trouble finding entertainment. The entertainment, however, just happened to be us laughing at each other's stupidity most of the time. We started our day off at the outlet mall, and since this was our first shopping trip togeather we layed out the ground rules on the way. For example we do not mind if we get the same outfits but you cannot wear siad outfit to the same function, and if there is only one of a certain item left but we both want it it is first come first serve. So once we were in agreement on the shopping outlines we headed to banana Republic where we struck gold! It was also coincided with a celebration dance of the entry into a new size! Not for me but for my friend, and you ladies all know what a victory that is. Everyone give her a round of applause! We hit all the stores in the outlet and then broke for lunch at one of my favorite restaurants. I loaded up on the carbs I have been starving myself from all week, and then topped it off with a beer. Nothing like celebrating a shopping trip with an ice cold draft beer. Over lunch we talked about how fun we used to be before we had kids and tried to convince each other that we were really cool! Now let me clear something up for you......we are still really fun, just in a different cool mom fun kind of way. So after we enjoyed our meal which we had the pleasure of eating while it was still hot and without little monkeys wrapped around out ankles, we hit a whole new mall, for a whole new shopping adventure. It was an upscale mall and most of the stores were a little too upscale for our pocket book, but that did not keep us from trying on $200 jeans that were two sizes to small and then rolling on the floor in laughter as our love handles wedged over the top. Just when we were starting to feel good about our selves, and still on the "I'm in a new size high" we decided to hit one of those younger trendier stores. We have since pledged to boycott the store for ever and I am about to tell you why. The store is called Hollister and it is one of those stores where they put 4 hot models in the doorway to greet you and smash any little bit of self confidence you might have. we make it through the tunnel of Barbie's ducking and dodging the plactic smiles and find the jeans we are searching for. We were on a hunt for jeans with holes in them. I know we are mothers and we should understand the value of material and not want to buy the jeans that look like they are ready to hit the trash, but we are trying to hang onto our youth here remember. So My friend asks the guy if they have any jeans in the store that are not cut quite so low. After all, I know that when I bend over nobody wants to see my fat butt grinning back at them. So the guy replies with a "trust me because I am the denim specialist and if you want a high wasted jean then you need to shop somewhere else, because we sell low wasted jeans" Translation...."who do you think you are kidding, you might not have your kids with you but you have mom written over your forehead and although you are trying to cling to your hippness you have some nerve thinking you can actually shop in this store" They did not serve "our kind" there. Only Ken and Barbie are allowed to shop there. So lets have a quick recap here. highlight of the trip- new size! Lowlight of the trip- getting "told" by the 19 year old denim specialist!
After 7 hours of shopping our feet were really beginning to drag so we decided to hang up our wallets for the day. We went to check into our hotel in Waikiki. When we got to the hotel we discovered the downfall to a girls weekend. There were no guys to carry all our luggage. Even though we were only staying for one night we had three suit cases and some other smaller bags. It did not help that there was a function going on and we had to park on the 5th floor of the parking garage. So we lug our suitcases down to the lobby, complaining all the way, and check ourselves in. Dropped our bags off with the bell hop and got a foo foo drink for the walk up to our room. So we get in the elevator with a bunch of other people and everyone pushes their selective floor button. We were on floor 25 (which happened to be the top floor). So I push the button for 25 and it lights up for a second and then goes out. I repeat this five times and being the blonde that I am think it must be broken. So we continue to ride up to all the floors and people are getting out at each stop. Finally it is just us and a Japanese speaking women left. I decide to try pushing our button again but still have no luck. Finally the Japanese girl tells us that we have to use our room key to get up to that floor. Except she could not tell us that because she does not speak English so we had a quick game of charades.
So we make it up to floor 25 and find out room. We open the door and thought that we had hit the jackpot. We had a huge room with two balconies overlooking the ocean, a big wooden dining table with 8 chairs, a full kitchen a couch......we were just about to get on the table and ruin the luster with our high heels as we did the "I am a diva dance" when we realized that there was something missing. There were no BEDS! We had passed an executive lounge on the way to the room so we decided to go there and ask one of the workers what was going on. We suggested that they open the room up next to us and we would just have the whole thing. Unfortunately all the rooms were booked on that floor so they found us a room on the floor below. The bellhop met us at the new room with our bags, except one of mine was wrapped in a plastic bag and leaking. Here I am trying to act all posh in this fancy hotel and a beer bottle had smashed in my suitcase and was dripping everywhere. You can take the girl out of the country....but you can't take the country out of the girl. The Bell hop also informed us that we are still on the executive floor and that we were entitled to complimentary orderves in the executive lounge. So we got in our room, cleaned out the beer and glass from my suitcase (luckily it was not the one with all my clothes in it) and decided to hit the free apps. So we get to the lounge and it closed at 7. It was 7:02. We were so bummed and hungry which made us swallow all pride and call the front desk. We asked what the hours of the lounge was and they told us it ended at 7. We went on to tell them that was a bummer b/c since they messed up our room they made us miss it. We were hoping they would provide room service or something for their mix up. They were not throwing us a bone at all and it sounded like he was about to hang up so my friend blurts out. "Well do you have any left overs? " I burst out laughing and the guy as politely as he could muster says "I am sorry mame but we have already thrown them in the trash." You can't say we didn't try. We had plans to go to a great restaurant in Waikiki that night but after a day of shopping we had no energy to get dressed up and go out so we decided to just eat at one of the restaurants in the hotel. We did manage to change clothes and went down for our 8 o'clock reservation. We sat down and looked at our menus and there was not a plate under $25 with $40 being the norm. I am all for splurging on a nice dinner but I refused to pay $35 for roasted chicken. So we ordered some water and when the waiter was not looking we darted out the back door. We headed to a cheaper restaurant at the hotel across the street. On the way there however it began to pour down rain, and we began to look like a couple of drown rats. Still trying to hold our head up high we proceeded up the stairs where I flat out tripped and lay sprawled out on the stairs. Don't worry, nothing but my pride was hurt. We finally sat down to an ok meal and then headed back to our hotel. We sat on our balcony for a few drinks and then rented a movie and fell asleep before it was over. We woke up to a wonderfully sunny day and hit the pool. Only after we crashed the breakfast buffet in the executive lounge. We had to double up since we missed it the night before. We went down and found a couple lounge chairs at the over crowded pool. We get all settled in and lay there fidgety and bored. We were so excited to get out of the house with no kids for the weekend that we forgot to pack any beach stuff. We had no music to listen to, no magazines to read, nothing. So we complained about how hot it was and how we hate to sweat. Soon Mr. Ken and Mrs. Barbie who were on vacation camped out beside us. Now when I say beside us I mean beside us. the pool was so packed and the chairs were lined up in rows side by side. At first we hated them just because they were beautiful but after striking up conversation they turned out to be pretty cool. We told them all the cool places to see and do on their vacation. When we asked if they were married and found out that it was kind of a sore subject because they were not, but had been dating for a long time. So when he was off getting lunch we told her it was time to give him an ultimatum and how she had to start having kids and basically had their whole lives planned out by the time he got back with sandwiches. Gotta love how girls can do that! We decided in the fourth hour that if we got dressed really quick we could hit one more store before it was time to go home. So we said goodbye to our new best friends and headed to what is now my new favorite store. Believe it or not Vanessa introduced me to a store I was a virgin to. It is called Nordstrom Racks and I thought I had died and gone to heaven. It is like an upscale Ross with designer clothes slashed down to great prices. it was here that I found my new favorite shirt. I will post it in the pictures of my favorite outfits that Darlene requested but I will tell you about it now. It is a red boy cut fitted t shirt that says Mrs. Affleck across the chest!!! It was on sale for $4.99 but I would have bought it at any cost just to see the look on Ben's face when I walked in the door! So I got the shirt, four other shirts, two pairs of jeans, 4 pairs of earrings, 3 bottles of nail polish, and headed home. Nothing like breaking a new store in well. I was also informed that they get shipment on Thursday so I might have to make a re-appearance! So we were sad as our weekend came to an end, but it was great while it lasted! Thanks to our husbands for being such great sports! I hope you guys don't think you are getting a guys weekend however. Lets not go over bored here!